• The best Tampa Florida Roofer

How to Attract the Best Roofers in Florida

You are a conscientious homeowner. You always get three price quotes for any work, so you can compare and choose what’s best for your Tampa-area home. You keep your landscaping and home’s exterior in great shape, both to retain value and boost curb appeal. So how do you attract great Tampa roofers for various roofing work?


  • Be Ready for your Tampa Roof Replacement

How to Be Ready for Your Roof Replacement

Replacing your Tampa roof is not a small undertaking; however, when you follow these tips it will help your roof replacement go smoothly for you and your family.


  • Can you trust your Tampa Roofing Contractor

How to Tell if You Can Trust Your Roofing Contractor


Trust always appears to be building or eroding — we hear of politicians losing the trust of voters, or an upstart internet company gaining trust with buyers. We seldom hear about a business that has decades of unwavering trust from the public. This is partly because a trustworthy company stirs no waters and makes no waves. When choosing a residential roofing contractor, how do you find the trustworthy Tampa roofers? By what criteria should you measure them to compare, and finally select a trusted partner to protect your home’s roof?


  • How to know when it's time to replace your shingle roof in Tampa, FL

3 Hidden Signs that It’s Time for Shingle Roof Replacement

Where is the first place you should look to tell if you need to replace your shingle roof? For roof replacement, Tampa homeowners will usually say, “the roof,” but they would be wrong. Learn the right answer, plus two more subtle or hidden signs indicating fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof replacement.


  • Make your Bay Area roof last

How to Make Your Roof be Your Best Friend Forever

You depend on your roof to protect your home and family, much like a trusted friend. This friendship should go both ways, though, so you need to treat your roof well in return. Here are some tips on how to make sure your roof remains your best friend forever.


  • Be Prepared, Not Scared! Protect Your Roof Now

Be Prepared, Not Scared! Protect Your Roof Now

Emergencies do not come with soundtracks. You never hear violins screeching to warn you that a tree limb is about to fall on your house, as you might in the movies. Being prepared, not scared of impending danger, is part of your responsibility as a Florida homeowner. Consider these three strategies to be ready when an emergency strikes. […]

  • 4 Big Reasons NOT to Skip a Secondary Water Barrier

4 Big Reasons NOT to Skip a Secondary Water Barrier

In cold parts of the country, secondary water barrier material is sold as “ice and water shield,” because temperatures in those areas drop enough for ice to form on roofs. Tampa almost never has to struggle with freezing temperatures, according to The Tampa Bay Times, so why would area homeowners need a product to protect against ice? For four reasons, the secondary water barrier Florida homeowners request on their homes can also help your home. […]

  • How to Tell if Your Roofer Really Cares About the Community

How to Tell if Your Roofer Really Cares About the Community

Community involvement by a contractor indicates that this company is an integral part of the local area. Companies that invest in their communities are demonstrating that mutual partnership begins at home. Both company and community benefit from these win-win partnerships. Here are some great examples of what a contractor can do to get involved in the Tampa area. […]

  • 3 Surprising Reasons to Pay Attention to a New Tile Roof

3 Surprising Reasons to Pay Attention to a New Tile Roof

Your Tampa home’s roof is subjected — even battered at times — to all that nature can throw at it. Taking steps to maximize your home investment starts with the type and style of roofing material you install. Will it stand strong, or buckle under Tampa area’s weather conditions? Will it boost your home’s curb appeal and value? These are important questions to ask your professional tile roofers. You may be surprised to learn how tile roofs may be your best long-term investment. […]

  • What You Need to Know about Roofs for Troops

What You Need to Know about Roofs for Troops

The GAF Roofs for Troops program is offered to veterans, active and retired military personnel throughout the United States. This $250 rebate program is a “Thank You” from GAF to our troops and their families who serve and protect our country.

Imperial Roofing Contractor, a GAF Master Elite designated company, is honored to be part of […]