• 3 Best Ways to Care for Your Shingle Roof

3 Best Ways to Care for Your Shingle Roof

A new roof is a great way to spruce up your home and raise its value. However, it’s a large expense, making it important to get as many good years as possible from it. Unfortunately, shingle roofs are susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. Keep your roof in tip-top condition by making sure you take the necessary steps to protect it from preventable damage. […]

  • How to Be Ready for Roof Leaks Before They Start

How to Be Ready for Roof Leaks Before They Start

The term “roof leak” might bring to mind a downpour of rain streaming into your attic through a big hole in the roof caused by a falling tree limb. While a storm can certainly cause this kind of sudden, catastrophic damage, roof leaks are often more difficult to pinpoint, as most start out small and develop over time. You can save stress, mess, and expense by knowing some common situations that lead to roof leaks, and how to deal with them before leaks start. […]

  • What You Need to Know about Residential Roof Restoration

What You Need to Know about Residential Roof Restoration

Most Tampa residents think of their roofs — when they think of them at all — as parts that just sit, doing their job day in and day out. Yet your roof would benefit, just as commercial roofs do, from Tampa roof restoration services. The same care and skill the expert roofers at Imperial Roofing Contractor bring to their businesses can be brought to your Tampa home. […]

  • 3 Ways Skylights Bring Big Value to Your Home

3 Ways Skylights Bring Big Value to Your Home

Everybody has a favorite cause. What is yours: the environment, personal finance, home decorating or personal health? Skylights added to your home by experienced Tampa roofing specialists can be key parts of all of these interests. […]

  • Ways to Add the Most Value to Your Home

Ways to Add the Most Value to Your Home

What changes should you make to your Tampa-area home to boost its value? Remodeling’s Cost Versus Value annually pegs the return on investment for various household projects. The 2017 list offers glimpses of ways Tampa homeowners can add value to their homes, with the help of Tampa roofing contractors. […]

  • Ways Your Roof Can Complicate Life

Ways Your Roof Can Complicate Life

The average Bosc pear seems, somehow, to know exactly when to go from unripe to spoiled when you are not looking. It sits on the counter, hard and unappealing for days, then turns to mush as soon as your back is turned. Are roofs like that? They just sit there, and suddenly your life is complicated by something your roof has done. Or, more often, failed to do. […]

  • The best Tampa Florida Roofer

How to Attract the Best Roofers in Florida

You are a conscientious homeowner. You always get three price quotes for any work, so you can compare and choose what’s best for your Tampa-area home. You keep your landscaping and home’s exterior in great shape, both to retain value and boost curb appeal. So how do you attract great Tampa roofers for various roofing work?


  • Be Ready for your Tampa Roof Replacement

How to Be Ready for Your Roof Replacement

Replacing your Tampa roof is not a small undertaking; however, when you follow these tips it will help your roof replacement go smoothly for you and your family.


  • Can you trust your Tampa Roofing Contractor

How to Tell if You Can Trust Your Roofing Contractor


Trust always appears to be building or eroding — we hear of politicians losing the trust of voters, or an upstart internet company gaining trust with buyers. We seldom hear about a business that has decades of unwavering trust from the public. This is partly because a trustworthy company stirs no waters and makes no waves. When choosing a residential roofing contractor, how do you find the trustworthy Tampa roofers? By what criteria should you measure them to compare, and finally select a trusted partner to protect your home’s roof?


  • How to know when it's time to replace your shingle roof in Tampa, FL

3 Hidden Signs that It’s Time for Shingle Roof Replacement

Where is the first place you should look to tell if you need to replace your shingle roof? For roof replacement, Tampa homeowners will usually say, “the roof,” but they would be wrong. Learn the right answer, plus two more subtle or hidden signs indicating fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof replacement.