Restoring Your Metal Roof

The condition of your roof is not just cosmetic. A leaky roof will not only damage the items inside the house, but can damage it’s structure, as well. Tampa weather can wreck havoc your roof. Hurricane winds and blistering sun can damage the strongest roof. Metal roofing is one of the strongest roofing options, but even metal roofing can require repair. When it does, you can count on Imperial Roofing in Tampa.


Metal Roof Repair

Many things can cause your metal roof to be in poor condition, from counter flashing not being installed correctly or coming loose, daily expansion, or damage from debris.  Having a metal roof repair team come in and assess the damage can prevent more trouble in the long run.

Imperial Roofing Contractors may be able to repair damage to your roof preventing you from having to replace the whole roof. We will come to your home and assess any damage, giving you a full report on what needs to be repaired or replaced. Our team of certified contractors are the best in the business and will work to repair your roof while providing the best quality products and workmanship.

Imperial Roofing has been in the metal roof repair business for over 40 years and all our contractors are trained in the latest techniques so that your roof gets the best care possible. We also ensure that all contractors are insured so that you have no need to worry about safety issues while they are on your roof.

Emergency Roof Repair


What Makes Imperial Roofing Contractors The Best Choice?

We have been working in Land O Lakes and surrounding areas for many years giving us the advantage of knowing the challenges your roof may face. We believe in quality workmanship and only use products that we know and trust. We hold many top roofing certifications such as Master Elite GAF and GAF Low Slope. In addition to these certifications, we hold certifications with the Tile Roofing Institute of America and Renewable Green Roofing.

Our customers know us as the roof repair team that they can trust for quality at a good price. If you are in need of metal roof repair services, contact Imperial Roofing today and be assured that your roof is in good hands.

Common Metal Roofing Problems

metal roof repair tampa Imperial Roofing ContractorMetal roof repair bad fastener
metal roof repair rusted roof joints

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