24 hour repair

If only our lives had soundtracks. We would recognize the warning sounds of harsh violins and know something bad was about to happen to the roof on our Tampa home. We do not, alas, have mood music to let us know when a storm, stray branch, or sudden leak will require us to seek out 24 hour repair service.

What is an Emergency?

Before picking up the telephone to tap into 24 hour repair services for your home’s roof, make sure you have a genuine emergency. This is the exhaustive list of reasons to call for emergency service:

Water inside your home

Yes, that is it. If you have water, you have damage, and you need emergency service. Water gets in for many reasons:

  • Animals
  • Falling trees or limbs
  • Fire
  • Flashing failure
  • Hurricanes and rainstorms
  • Lightning strike
  • Wind uplift

The reason for water infiltration is less important than getting the 24 hour repair you need, quickly. When you see water in your attic, staining ceilings beneath the attic, dripping into your living space, or running down the inside walls of your house, call for professional help.

What will 24 Hour Repair Service Involve?

Roofers cannot work miracles, nor can we work during storms. As soon as conditions permit, even in the middle of the night, our emergency roofing crew will come out to your house, assess the damage, and attach a waterproof tarp over the damaged area (usually passing over the ridge to ensure water runs off, not in).

A good roofer knows how to work both sides of the problem, covering the exterior while minimizing damage to your home’s interior.

Imperial Roofing’s team members are not tree specialists, but we will work with mitigation services and your insurance company to protect your home, any time of the day or night.


A good Tampa area roofer knows what your homeowner’s insurance company needs to expedite payment for the 24 hour repair. You may be emotionally distraught and unsure what to do, but we at Imperial Roofing know the documentation your claim will need:

  • Thermal imagery
  • Digital photographs
  • Activity log of work done

What You Can Do

In an emergency, avoid panicking yourself or family members. Do not attempt repairs yourself, especially if an object hits your Tampa home. Keep family members away from the damaged area. Contact your insurance company and call a dependable, professional Tampa roofer that provides 24 hour repair service.

24 Hour Emergency Services