3 Things You Need to Know about Storm Damage Roof Repair

Tampa area homeowners are keenly alert to severe weather patterns heading our way. You don’t have to experience a hurricane or a tropical storm to sustain damage great enough to warrant storm damage repair or a roof replacement.

If you are concerned about damage to your roof or the possibility storm damage has occurred, read through these three tips for insight of what to do before and after storms.

Roof Inspection

Wind-driven rain and hail are certainly powerful enough to damage the typical roofing system. High winds can curl, uplift, tear and remove asphalt shingles. Tile shingles are stronger, but they are still susceptible to lifting and breaking — especially if you’ve had a heavy impact to your roof, such as a felled tree limb.

However, roof damage may occur without immediately obvious signs. Water will find the smallest of breaches and seep into your home. If you suspect damage to your roof, never climb onto it. It’s simply too dangerous. Call your trusted roofing contractor and let them handle the roof inspection.

Insurance Companies

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure your home is adequately protected. You don’t want to find yourself wishing you had better coverage following a damaging storm’s aftermath.

That being said, the typical homeowner’s insurance policy provides “all-risk” coverage. This means that your home is covered for all damage, including storm damage, unless there is a specific exclusion in the policy. In fact, wind and hail damage are among the most common insurance claims for Florida homeowners.

Working With Roofing Contractors

There are literally hundreds of roofing contractors in the greater Tampa area, but choosing the right company still doesn’t need to be a daunting task when you use these pointers:

  • Only contact contractors that have a proven track record spanning many years (if not decades)
  • Look for roofing contractors that are factory certified and recognized in the industry for excellent service, training and installation
  • Consider contractors that are certified in renewable green roofing practices
  • Ask prospective contractors for proof that they are licensed and insured
  • Your contractor should offer maintenance plans to keep your roof in great condition through the years

If you need storm damage repair or an estimate for your Tampa home, contact Imperial Roofing. Our family-owned and operated company has provided superior roofing services at fair prices since 1968! Call us today for a no-obligation estimate of your roofing needs.

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