Broom_file000526096119Do you ever look up at your roof and think that it may be looking dull or dirty. Maybe you have had wind storms this year that have caused a dirt build up, or perhaps it has just been a while since you have paid any attention to your roof tiles. Shingle roof cleaning can help your roof regain its shine and can also help you spot any damage that may have occurred .

Here are a few ways you can give your home a clean and shiny roof.

1. Gently Sweep and Rinse

With a soft bristled broom remove any loose dirt and larger items such as branches from your roof. Take a hose that is long enough and let the water run over your roof giving it a complete soak, you may want to soak it for at least 5 minutes. This step helps dried dirt loosen up. You can then take your soft bristled broom and give the roof a gentle sweep over. Set the hose back on and rinse off the roof. This should help remove dirt and debris leaving your roof looking cleaner.

2. Use a Cleaning Solution

If your roof is in need of something a little heavier than water you can try a mixture of hot water, bleach and dish detergent. Add this mixture into a garden sprayer and start my saturating a small amount of tiles. Before the solution dries (you may want to do this on a cool overcast day) take a broom and scrub the tiles until they look clean. Rinse the area with water once you have rinsed off all of the bleach mixture you can then move on to the next area.

3. Consider Hiring a Roofing Professional

If your roof covers a large space, is very dirty, or you just can’t reach it all to clean it properly, you may want to consider having a qualified roof contractor come in and professionally clean your roof. There are many advantages to having a professional clean your roof. You don’t have to climb up there yourself, you can be assured the roof will be cleaned using the correct cleaners and roof contractors have the experience to spot any damage before it turns into a roofing emergency.

In the Tampa Bay region you can contact Imperial Roofing for your shingle roof cleaning needs. Our family has been in the roofing business since 1968 and we know how to take care of your roof. We have roof maintenance options available for you that can be tailored to your needs.

Roof Maintenance Options