3 Ways Skylights Bring Big Value to Your Home

Everybody has a favorite cause. What is yours: the environment, personal finance, home decorating or personal health? Skylights added to your home by experienced Tampa roofing specialists can be key parts of all of these interests.

Good for the Environment

Skylights add value to your home not just at resale time (though they definitely do that, says Consumer Affairs). With abundant natural sunlight streaming in, you turn fewer lights on. This saves electricity, which reduces the load on our environment.
Choosing skylights that open to allow ventilation is a great way to reduce your use of central air conditioning, which also reduces electrical consumption, helping the environment.

Good for the Wallet

Thanks to the federal government, you can earn a 30 percent federal tax credit by installing solar-powered, fresh air skylights and solar-powered blinds purchased and installed through your Tampa roofing company. This drops the costs substantially and allows clean, fresh air to come into your Tampa home.

After reaping the benefits of the tax break, you still get to enjoy a boost in resale value, since skylights properly installed by a reputable Tampa roofing company like Imperial Roofing Contractor will increase your home’s resale appeal.

Healthy Living

Skylights allow sunlight, which stimulates the production of Vitamin D in your skin, to enter your home even when everyone in the family is indoors. Skylights also offer amazing glimpses of the sky by day and night. Some studies suggest sunlight also helps reduce blood pressure.

While sunlight is often featured as an important benefit of skylights, remember, too, the moon shines brightly over Tampa and will stream into your home through those sky-facing windows, offering an appealing, peaceful glow.

Skylights also make rooms look bigger, adding to their resale appeal but also making your family feel more relaxed. For design purposes, skylights can perk up an otherwise dull room, adding to perceived value for home buyers.

Use a Roofer

Now that you understand the many facets of adding value to your home with skylights, you need to choose an installer. Tampa roofing contractors are in the best position to install skylights so they do not leak. Cutting a hole in your roof takes knowledge and skill; preserving the value of skylights begins with preventing water infiltration. Please contact us at Imperial Roofing Contractor to discuss the styles and options on skylights for your home, today.