3 Ways to Tell That Your Tile Roof Needs Repair

Clay or concrete tile not only looks attractive on a roof, it’s one of the most durable roofing materials available with a potential lifespan of 75 years or more. Even though it can last for decades longer than other popular materials like asphalt shingles, your tile roof will still need periodic repairs to keep your home dry and protected from the elements.

How to Know When You Need Tile Roof Repair

If a storm sends a tree limb crashing through your roof, there’s no question that the roof needs immediate attention, but other repair issues that aren’t as obvious can cause serious and expensive damage, too.

Performing periodic checks inside and outside your home and taking care of needed repairs quickly can keep your roof in good shape so you avoid future headaches. Here’s what to do:

  • Look up for broken, cracked, loose or missing tiles. Walk around your home’s exterior and do a visual check of the tiles. As the roof heats up and cools down each day, it expands and contracts. This movement can cause tiles to bind together and crack or break. On an older roof, it can tear tiles loose from the mortar cement holding them in place so they slide out of position. Tiles can also get broken or become dislodged by flying debris and high winds during a storm.
  • Check for damaged or missing flashing. While you’re examining the tiles, inspect the roof flashing, too. If there are spots where the flashing is missing, rusted, loose or damaged, water can seep under the tiles, cause deterioration of the underlay and eventually leak into your home’s interior. You’ll find flashing along the eaves, in the valleys, and around the chimney, vent stack, and any skylights.
  • Investigate for signs of water intrusion. If you suspect that your tile roof is already leaking, head up to the attic with a flashlight and check for water stains on the underside of the roof deck or areas of damp insulation. If a leak isn’t fixed promptly, any moisture that enters the attic can further infiltrate your home and show up as staining on the ceilings and/or sheetrock, cracked and peeling paint/wallpaper, or patches of mold growth.

If the tile roof on your Tampa-area home needs repair, contact us today at Imperial Roofing. We have extensive experience with tile roof repair, and we’re certified by the Tile Roofing Institute of America.

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