4 Crucial Things To Know about Emergency Roof Repair

The severe weather we often experience in the Tampa area can cause sudden and significant damage to your home’s roof. Knowing the following four crucial details about emergency roof repair can make it easier to cope with this stressful situation.

Know When You Need Emergency Roof Repair

While minor leaks that are easily contained need to be addressed, they’re not a serious roofing emergency that leaves your home vulnerable to damaging water infiltration. However, you need professional help right away if you experience anything like:

  • A torn-off tree limb crashes down through the roof material and decking and into your home’s interior.
  • Lightning hits the roof and burns a hole into the attic.
  • You hear a ripping noise and discover that a large section of shingles or tiles or a metal panel has been torn off by the wind, leaving the substrate punctured or exposed to the wind-driven rain.

Know Who You Can Call for Help

Rather than waiting until you’re facing an emergency situation, choose a roofing contractor now. Make sure they’re properly licensed, fully insured, and well-established with a good reputation in the local area. Keep their contact details handy so you can call them quickly in an emergency. A responsive roofer should arrive as soon as possible and take appropriate actions like tarping a damaged area to secure it against further water intrusions.

Know What Advance Steps to Take

Your roof is more likely to withstand a storm if it’s kept in good condition, so have it inspected by your chosen contractor and get any needed roof repairs taken care of promptly. You can also review your homeowner’s policy to learn exactly what perils you have coverage for, and make sure you know where the shutoffs are located for your electrical, water and gas supplies.

Know What to do Until Your Roofer Arrives

First, don’t try to get up on your roof during a storm. If there’s a hole in the roof and rain is pouring in, put buckets or other containers underneath to catch the water, move personal items and furniture out of harm’s way, and use plastic tarps to cover any larger items. Then, shut off your utilities to avert a fire, flood, or explosion and call your insurance company to advise them of the situation.

For expert help with an emergency roof repair in the Tampa area, contact us at Imperial Roofing Contractor.

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