install new skylights in your florida home

Homeowners in the sunny Land O Lakes area who are seeking the benefits of natural sunlight can enjoy many of the advantages of being outdoors through skylight installation. Regardless of the style you choose, skylights provide your family members a number of health benefits, including:

1) Hormone regulation

The production of serotonin, a hormone associated with improved energy and mood regulation, increases with exposure to natural lighting. Melatonin levels are also shown to increase during evening hours in people who are exposed to sunlight in the daytime, allowing deeper, more restful sleep. Conversely, levels of the stress hormone cortisol decline, leading to an overall reduction in stress.

2) Reduced eye strain

Because skylight installation allows natural sunshine to enter your home, you’ll have less need for artificial lighting which is much harder on the eyes than sunlight. Even in cloudy weather, most skylights allow enough sunlight indoors to eliminate or minimize the use of traditional electrical lighting during daytime hours.

3) Increased energy and productivity

A consistent link has been shown between sunlight exposure and energy. Many companies have installed skylights and/or sun tunnels to improve the productivity of their employees while increasing sales. You can enjoy a similar boost in productivity and energy in your own home with skylight installation.

4) Balanced moods

Research shows that sunlight exposure has a tremendously positive impact on our moods. While some people choose to install full spectrum lighting to obtain some of the benefits of natural light, skylight installation goes beyond artificial full spectrum lighting by allowing natural sun indoors.

5) Vitamin D Exposure

Sunlight exposure helps to maintain better health – in vitamin D levels, especially.  It has also been proven to reduce depression and provides an alternative therapy to the long term use of risky medications.

Beauty and Style

Of course, the benefits of skylights don’t stop at health alone; their style and beauty can brighten up even the darkest of rooms and turn an otherwise stagnant living space into one you’ll want to bask within. With different styles to meet every need and budget constraint, we can help you choose the best skylight for your home.

If you are in the Land O Lakes area, our great team at Imperial Roofing would be happy to help you with any skylight and/or roofing needs.

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