When weighing the pros and cons you will learn that there are many positive aspects of a tile roof, but a reputable contractor is always a must when choosing this kind of roofing. If the initial installation was not done properly, more repairs are in your future. If the tile is new and installed by a trusted contractor, then you shouldn’t have any problems for quite some time.

Roofing tile can be very durable for Florida’s climate, especially because the tiles don’t mind baking in the hot sun. They are flexible, and aesthetically appealing. No matter what your preference is, it seems that tiles always look classy yet modern.

Five problems that will devastate your roof:

1. Broken Tiles

Debris can be easily propelled into your roof during a storm and damage tiles. Broken tiles leave your roof vulnerable and accessible to harsh outdoor conditions, therefore leaks are more likely to occur and cause water damage.

2. Sliding Tiles

During Tampa’s sweltering summertime, your roof is fully exposed to the sun throughout the entire day. During the hottest months of the year, your roof can reach temperatures up to 160 degrees. The asphalt adhesive holding the tiles can soften, causing tiles to slide out of place if there are not enough fasteners.

3. Loose Cap Tiles

Mortar cement is used when installing cap tiles, however the cement can loosen over time and cause the tiles to shift. When the tiles shift, it leaves more room for the elements to rip up the tiles, crack them, and allow rains to seep into the trusses or the underlayment.

4. Unfastened Tiles

Obviously, tiles that are not fastened down will tear off easier, or might be lost in a storm. There are some contractors that don’t fasten down every tile for the sake of saving you money, or they think that the tiles are heavy enough to hold themselves down, however, this is not always the case. In Florida, hurricanes are common and the tile’s own weight is not enough, therefore, many fasteners are needed so the tiles will not tear or be lost in a storm.

5. Tile Caps In the Valley of Your Roof

Tiles are added by some contractors as a decorative element to your roof, however, this has become a thing of the past. Moisture can be trapped under these tiles and can cause decay to the underlayment of your roof but also rust flashing that is caught in the valleys.

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Originally published: July 21, 2014
Information updated: May 18, 2016