Your home is probably the biggest personal investment you will ever make, so when something is wrong with your home it is important to take action quickly. Quick action will help to minimize the damage, thus minimizing the expense. Having a game plan when something goes wrong will help you to know what action to take so that time is not lost. If you want to minimize damage and protect your investment, here are five tips when you find that your roof is leaking.

1. Remove movable objects

The first thing you need to do is remove any objects from the area where the water is dripping. Removing these objects will not only protect them but may give better access to the area where the water is coming from for inspection.

2. Prevent further damage

After removing items you do not want damaged, you should also place a bucket where the water is landing and possibly a towel or some plastic beneath the bucket to catch the water and prevent it from ruining the floor.

3. Remove debris

If possible and by standing on a ladder only, remove any branches, twigs or leaves that have collected on the roof as these may contribute to the damage or even cover it up.  Call the professionals at Imperial Roofing Contractor to go up on the roof to inspect the leak and to take care of any necessary repairs.

4. Locate the source of the leak

This may be trickier than it seems as the source of the leak may not be where it appears. The source of the leak could be at a higher elevation of the roof with the water running down to drip from a lower spot. Take a look around the house and see if you can spot a gap in the tiles or anything else that might indicate a problem.

5. Call in the cavalry.

Once you have taken the most immediate steps to protect your home and property from a leaking roof, and you have assessed any clearly visible damage, it’s time to call in the professionals. If you are a contractor, chances are good that you can manage roof repair yourself. For most people who are not contractors, however, attempting roof repair themselves may only end up in more damage to the home and possible injury to the homeowner as well.

When there is a problem with your home, be sure to act quickly and call a company you can trust, Imperial Roofing Contractor.  We service the roof repair and replacement needs of Land O Lakes, Tampa and the surrounding area.

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