While homeowners like you all over the country are going through the stages of indoor spring cleaning, they are also assessing the damages from winter on their homes. Most people are busy during the week, so here is a list of exterior home improvement projects that can be done quickly, just over the course of a weekend.

1. Clean Up The Yard

This may seem obvious, but clearing out distractions will have eyes drawn to your beautiful home. Trim the hedges, mow the lawn, and keep the colors on the exterior of your home looking tidy. Also try planting some flowers to place in colorful pots to set around the perimeter of your property or on the front porch.

2. Switch to Energy Efficient Windows

Paying for the initial investment is completely worth the money when buying new windows. Sweltering temperatures in the Tampa area means your air-conditioner is on full-blast, but your home will remain cool just by replacing old windows with new energy efficient windows.

3. Paint Your Door

Although this may seem unnecessary, it will bring a new sense of attraction to the whole exterior of your home, and it might just make you happier to try something new! Paint your front door a bright color that still matches the rest of the house. Change is good, and spring is a time for renewing and adapting.

4. Roof Repair

If your roof is in desperate need of repair, call your local roofing company to send out a crew of roofing contractors to inspect your roof and assess the harsh winter damage. It should take the roofing company no more than a few days to complete if the damage is only minor.

5. Deck Touch-Ups

Re-staining your deck is good for both cosmetic and protection reasons. By adding a little color and shine to your outdoor patio with your preferred color and brand of wood stain, it will also protect the wood from rotting. Re-stain your deck on a sunny day so it can dry quickly and fully.

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