tile roof facts

You’ve looked through the brochures, scanned online pictures, and maybe even scoured your neighborhood for ideas. A tile roof keeps standing out to you, and you’re wondering “Is this the right roof for me?”

While it’s true that clay, shingle and slate roofs offer advantages that deserve a second look, tile often stands out in the crowd, combining all the winning attributes a roof can offer: durability, functionality, good looks and economy of scale.

Consider these 6 incredible facts from the Tile Roofing Institute:

  1. Tile roofs maintain their color, thanks largely to a dense color glaze that is applied to the surface. In fact, some tile manufacturers guarantee their product against fading for 50 years.
  2. Tile roofs stand tough against the rigors of Florida’s climate, providing ventilation and the ability to repel fierce rain and sustained winds of up to 150 miles per hour. And since tile roofs are non-combustible, they’re eligible for low fire insurance rates, too.
  3. Tile roofs require minimal maintenance, owing to their superb engineering traits. While some roof choices require continual upkeep – including cleaning, coating, painting and sealing – you can expect tile maintenance to be confined to the gutters, flashing, and the occasional cracked tile, which is easily replaced.
  4. Tile roofs outlast many of their rivals, with many manufacturers offering warranties of 50 years and more. If you view a new roof as a long-term investment, tile will provide long-term peace of mind.
  5. Tile roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Yes, reddish-orange may be a common go-to choice. But tile also is available in earth tones, vivid hues (such as blue and purple) and even white to keep your home cool under the harsh Florida sun. And the tiles themselves? They can be produced to complement any architectural style, from Mediterranean to contemporary.
  6. Tile roofs are economical, especially when you add up all of their attributes. For added reassurance, turn to the many structures throughout Asia and Europe, where tile roofs have remained durable, functional and beautiful for centuries.

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