There are many types of roofing available to homeowners across the nation.  The most popular, of course, is the shingle roof: inexpensive, easy to install, and affordable to replace.  In Florida, however, there is another roof that is an extremely common sight: the tile roof.

Durable, long-living, and beautiful; the tile roof is a worthy adornment to any home.

If you are a homeowner in St. Petersburg, you may be interested in these 7 facts about tile roofing:

Tile Roof

1. Longevity: With proper care, tile roofs can last half a century or more. The tiles themselves are capable of lasting longer than the rest of the roofing system (flashing, etc.)

2. Fireproof: Tiles are completely fireproof in their natural form, and carry a Class A fire rating.

3. Aesthetic appeal: The remarkable beauty of this roof style stands prominently before other features of the home. It has a beautiful appearance as it is a natural product. It looks classy and sophisticated. The installation of a tile roof can significantly boost the value of your St Petersburg home.

4. Tile is extremely heavy: It requires a solid roof structure to hold its weight. If your home’s construction was intended for a shingle or metal roof, it will need to be reinforced and strengthened before it is able to stand up to the weight of a tile roof.

5. Tile is the ultimate natural product: It is not a man made material, but comes straight from mother nature herself. Slate occurs naturally in areas around the world so its installation won’t harm the environment.

6. Cost dispersed over time: While tile roofs might seem a bit costly at first, they actually pay for themselves over time. Once you consider the little maintenance that a tile roof requires, its fireproof nature, its lovely aesthetics and the fact that it can last many decades, you will understand why many homeowners consider it to be worth the investment.

7. A variety of colors available: You can choose from an array of colors for your tile roof.

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