What You Need to Know about Residential Roof Restoration

Most Tampa residents think of their roofs — when they think of them at all — as parts that just sit, doing their job day in and day out. Yet your roof would benefit, just as commercial roofs do, from Tampa roof restoration services. The same care and skill the expert roofers at Imperial Roofing Contractor bring to their businesses can be brought to your Tampa home.

What is Roof Restoration?

Restoring a residential roof does not mean turning the clock back to some other century, as with Manatee Village Historical Park or Heritage Village. Roof restoration means bringing back new life to your Tampa home’s roof through a program of inspection, repair, maintenance and personalized attention.

Whether your home’s roof is clad in shingles, metal or tile, our roofers can check every square inch and ensure your roof is doing its primary job — keeping you cool and dry inside. No water infiltration, no energy loss from heat gain, no missing parts!

How Residential Roof Restoration Works

Our trained roofing professionals will use the proper safety equipment to safely climb onto your home’s roof and perform each of these tasks:

  • Visual inspection of roofing, flashing, drip edge, and gutters
  • Roof cleaning — this includes debris, moss, and algae
  • Ventilation assessment
  • Skylight seam inspection
  • Physically checking the condition of rubber boots around sanitary stacks and other roof vents
  • Small repair

Each Tampa-area home is different, so the Tampa roof restoration will also differ from job to job. Some homes may have lost a shingle or piece of flashing; we will replace that. Some homes may have cracked Spanish tile; we will repair or replace tiles. Whatever your situation calls for, we will do it through our Tampa roof restoration program.

Pays for Itself

Using our service, Tampa-area homeowners generally find roof restoration pays for itself by avoiding major re-roofing work. An annual or semi-annual inspection can be part of the process, so any small issue gets caught quickly. This prevents a tiny leak dripping water into your attic from becoming a torrential flood that brings down a ceiling. Roof restoration keeps an old roof working longer, and keeps a new roof in sparkling condition.

Roof restoration can boost curb appeal because a clean roof radiates the care and attention you pay to your property. Please contact Imperial Roofing Contractor today to learn how residential Tampa roof restoration can help you.