flat_roofWhen it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, who you choose is of utmost importance to the quality of your roof. You won’t just want to compare the costs of each contractor and choose based on price alone. Here are a few good reasons to hire a Duro Last Roofing Contractor when repairing or replacing your flat roof system.


Consider the reputation of the contractor within your community, and choose someone that is known for doing high quality work. Your roof is an important part of your business, and the last thing you want to do is have sub par work done on it.


This is why you should look for certain certifications. For example, Imperial Roofing Contractor is a GAF Master Elite contractor, Tie Roofing Institute of America Certified, Certified in Renewable Green Roofing as well a certified as Duro Last Roofing contractors.

Duro Last Quality

When looking for a contractor, finding contractors that are certified as Duro Last Roofing contractors is a testament to their quality and ability. Duro Last products are some of the best quality products that can be used in roof construction. The Duro Last vinyl roof membrane consists of flame-retardants, U.V. absorbents, stabilizers, biocides, PVC resins and plasticizers. Because of this, Duro Last has either met or exceeded every major wind and fire code requirement as well as all regional approvals that are required throughout the country.

Duro-Last Construction

If this wasn’t enough, Duro Last is created with the use of a weft-insertion scrim, which is laminated between 2 layers of PVC film. This provides the vinyl roof membrane with extraordinary strength and durability – exactly what you would want in your roof. Additionally, Duro Last is a charter partner of the Energy Star Roof Products Program. This means that the use of Duro Last vinyl roof membranes is an energy efficient option that can save you money on your energy costs due to the fact that it reflects 88 percent of the sun’s energy. Additionally, Duro Last belongs to the Cool Roof Rating Council and the United States Green Building Council.

Importance of a Quality Contractor

As you can see, Duro-Last provides one of the best roofing products that you can find, in strength, durability, energy efficiency and safety. However, in order to fully take advantage of such a high quality roofing product, a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor is needed. A high quality product is going to do you no good if it’s improperly installed. This is why you should look for certified Duro Last Roofing contractors such as Imperial Roofing Contractor. We are proud to be Duro-Last Premium Warranty Qualified roofing contractors, able to provide you with the best warranty available for Duro-Last Roofing Systems. Contact imperial Roofing Contractor today for you new Duro-Last Roof.

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