The best Tampa Florida Roofer

You are a conscientious homeowner. You always get three price quotes for any work, so you can compare and choose what’s best for your Tampa-area home. You keep your landscaping and home’s exterior in great shape, both to retain value and boost curb appeal. So how do you attract great Tampa roofers for various roofing work?

After a Storm

Your goal in recovering from one of our area’s typical heavy storms (or even a hurricane) is to get your roof protected without breaking the bank. Attract the best roofers by rejecting storm chasers.
Storm chasers are roofing contractors from outside Tampa, who pick up day laborers, provide no call-back service, and try to take your insurance company’s check without doing all the work.
Attract the best Tampa roofers by expecting to see a local address, like our own: Imperial Roofing Contractor, 4117 Cox Drive, Land O Lakes, FL 34639. Ask for other documentation:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Florida licensing — Our license number is CCC029597

Roof Replacement

The best Tampa roofers want to provide a great product expertly installed at a reasonable price. That means any bid will combine several factors:

  1. Materials costs
  2. Labor costs
  3. A modest profit

Reflexively accepting the low-ball quote on a roofing job is no better than taking the highest quote. When comparing quotes, look for what should be similar between them:

  • Materials — Is one quote offering the lowest performance level of a manufacturer’s product line, or one offering shingles when you wanted tile roofing?
  • Labor — Are the roofers using technology to get the job done efficiently, or is one roofer relying on a day crew to carry shingle packs up a ladder?
  • Profit — Most residential roofing jobs take no more than two days, so ask how many crew hours, not days, each roofer expects the job to take.


The best roofers pick up roofing repair jobs as “in-betweeners,” because they are in such great demand for full roofing jobs. Becoming a steady customer of the best Tampa roofers puts you on their informal preferred customer list. Get into a strong relationship through annual inspection and reroofing, so when a minor roof repair is needed, the best roofer responds promptly.
Imperial Roofing Contractor is among Tampa’s best roofers, and for residential roofing, we strive to be your best choice. Contact us today for work after a storm, a new roof or roof repair.

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