blue_metal2Give your Tampa area home a makeover this spring with a new metal roof and become the envy of the neighborhood. Even sunny Florida has experienced rough weather this past winter and replacing your roof insures that your home is safe from the assault of the elements for years to come. There are numerous benefits to a new metal roof and it’s becoming one of the most popular home improvements in the industry.

Better for the Environment

Today’s metal roofs are made of 25-95% recycled materials and are infinitely recyclable even when the metal is no longer fit for roofing. A new metal roof is much more environmentally friendly than traditional shingle roofs that end up as building material waste without recycling possibilities.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Certain metal roofing materials can withstand wind gusts over 100 mph which is extremely reassuring in the sweeps of unpredictable storms that come through Florida. A new metal roof won’t crack, corrode and many types are resistant to dents from impact with foreign objects. The life span for metal roofs range from 40 to 70 years, depending on the type of material used. This is at least double the expected life for asphalt roofs, which also come with more maintenance requirements than metal roofs.

Safe and Efficient

Unlike other roofing materials, a new metal roof won’t ignite into flames during a lightning strike or fire. This is an extremely reassuring feature during the turbulent storms that periodically and briefly rumble through the Tampa area. Metal roofs are not only safe, they’re energy efficient. They reflect radiant heat from the sun, which helps to reduce the cost of cooling your home by 10-25%.

Style and Value

When choosing a new metal roof, there are a variety of beautiful styles and colors to compliment the architecture of your home and your own tastes. They add a distinct detail to our exterior that stands out in a positive light from the rest of the neighborhood. The lower weight of metal roofing compared to other materials also puts less stress on the structure of your home. Along with increased visual appeal, a metal roof adds value to your home and increases its desirability should you decide to sell.

Explore all the options available for a new metal roof by contacting Imperial Roofing Contractor today. We’re happy to answer any questions about investing in metal roofing for your home.

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