When is the Best Time for your Flat Roof Restoration?

Restoring a low-slope (flat) roof to superb condition offers many benefits, especially to business owners whose buildings bake in the Florida sun. With a high-quality flat roof restoration, nearly every building manager sees savings in energy consumption, a more comfortable work environment inside, and a longer-lasting roof.  

Timing is (Almost) Everything

Timing a flat roof restoration requires expertise, the kind of trained eye you or your facilities crew is unlikely to have. Consult with your local, dependable commercial roofer to schedule the exact timing of roof restoration and you will not only save money on the job, you will potentially add years of life to an otherwise deteriorating roof. 

Your commercial roofer will inspect your roof and determine the best course of action. That might mean waiting a year or two to perform a full roof restoration. It may mean addressing immediate problems, like open seams or loose mechanical fasteners.

Though you can be too late in restoring a flat roof, you can not really be too early. An easy model of a low-slope roof restoration is a typical home’s natural wood deck. For the first few years, you may not need to do much. After a few years, though, the wood begins to look a bit worn, perhaps a little silvery-grey. If you had provided protection to the wood deck early in its life, that weathering would have been delayed. 

The same is true with a commercial roof. Restore a younger roof to preserve what you have, allowing it to stay in service longer. The cleaning, repair and spray coatings that are part of low-slope roof restoration all serve to save you time and money over the life of the roof. 

Planning is (Almost) Everything

Roof restoration is not an enormous expense, and is certainly cheaper than a re-roof. Yet most businesses still prefer to budget for any capital expenditure. Work with your local roofer to plan the right season, week, and even working hours to perform the flat roof restoration. That way, you can predict when you will incur the costs. You can also predict when customers may be inconvenienced by the process. 

Plan, too, to make your commercial roofer a long-term partner in caring for and restoring your roof. Planning makes flat roof restoration easier on your accounting department, customers, and your bottom line. Plan for restoration by calling the restoration experts at Imperial Roofing Contractor today