roof_replacement_skylights_k2Natural daylight has many benefits over artificial lighting. It makes your decor look better, it brings warmth and comfort to a room, and sunlight makes people feel better than artificial light. If you’re looking to add a source of natural light and fresh air to your home, skylights can be the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Skylights

Increased productivity

Studies have found that people who have more exposure to natural lighting are more alert and get more accomplished in a day. If you work from home or if you just want to increase your energy levels, a skylight can deliver the natural light your body needs.

Better quality of light

Skylights are able to disperse light throughout the room better than artificial lighting, and with greater intensity. They will add greater brightness to an entire room without any harsh bulbs and fewer shadows.

Better aesthetics

Natural light showcases colors, architectural details, and natural elements in a room better than artificial light. It also gives a more comfortable feeling to synthetic elements by bringing a bit of warmth to them. Skylights can add beauty to any room by allowing your design elements and architectural details shine.

Energy savings

A skylight that is selected properly and installed correctly can save on your heating, cooling and lighting bills. They let in warmth in the winter, allow better ventilation in the summer, and bring in enough natural light to eliminate daytime lighting.

Our professional team uses only the highest quality materials and has the experience necessary to ensure your skylight is installed properly. When done right, you can expect a watertight installation that lasts for decades. Many single skylights can be installed in one day, and multiple units can be done in an efficient manner to minimize your disruption.

Imperial Roofing uses quality VELUX products – a recognized leader in the industry. From solar powered features that require no wiring to blackout covers that completely eliminate the light when you don’t need it, VELUX has the right products for your project. Contact Imperial Roofing for more information about different options and features, and to get an installation quote for your home.