How To Care For And Maintain Your Metal Roof

You took the plunge and invested in a long-lasting, sturdy metal roof for your Tampa home. How do you keep it looking beautiful for years to come?

It’s The Finish

The insider’s secret to a durable metal roof is the finish. A well-maintained finish will preserve the metal alloy, keep the metal roof’s waterproof qualities, and make your roof gleam.

Today’s modern metal roofs have more than mere paint on them. The paint itself is usually not just slathered on, either. Primer prepares the metal, then sprayed paint is applied in a uniform thickness. This is followed by at least one layer of a protective finish coat.

The final coat is often the main reason your Tampa roof is so energy efficient: it reflects tremendous amounts of sunlight back into the atmosphere, instead of letting it creep into your home.

Maintain the roof finish by avoiding anything particularly harsh. A metal roof needs very little maintenance. Harsh bristle brushes, caustic cleaners, even pressure washers are all to be avoided.

The safest way to deal with a metal roof is through regular inspection, repair, and upkeep by your trusted local roofer. Knowledgeable technicians can keep the protective finish from degrading while also performing the work safely.

It’s The Metal

All that talk about the finish of your metal roof is not to say you can neglect the metal beneath. Especially with metal roofs, contact between different metals can be problematic. Say your metal roof is made with Galvalume® which is 55 percent aluminum, 43 percent zinc and 1.5 percent silicon. If your flashing (around chimneys, along valleys, and around some roof piercings) is a vastly different metal, the two alloys in contact with each other can corrode one another.

A good roofing contractor familiar with metal roofing techniques can prevent this “fair/unfair metal” issue before it gets started. This same professional roofer can use the proper mechanical fasteners to prevent water infiltration, oil canning (uneven distortions in the metal sheets), and corrosion.

Many Tampa-area roofers now claim to offer metal roofing installation for homeowners. Yet just a year or two ago, these same roofers performed only shingle roof installation. Why trust your greatest asset — your Tampa home — to rookies? Enlist Imperial Roofing Contractor soon to help you get the most out of your metal roof. Contact us today and we can help design a roof preservation program just for you.

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