The Unparalleled Quality Of Metal Roofing


Metal roofing on residential homes is not for everyone. A poorly chosen, poorly installed metal roof could remind you of some old Florida farm building — definitely not the look most homeowners want. […]

The Unparalleled Quality Of Metal Roofing2019-01-09T11:34:01-05:00

Maintenance and Repairs on Metal Roofs in Florida


Metal roofing is attractive and durable, which has made it popular in many states, including Florida. However, no product is completely perfect and metal roofing is not a ‘no maintenance’ material. You may need metal roof repair over the years and there might be some minimal maintenance to perform as well. You want to do [...]

Maintenance and Repairs on Metal Roofs in Florida2019-01-08T16:18:18-05:00

Is Metal Roofing the Best Choice for Your Home?


Metal roofing is an investment that will last for the life of your home. This is the most durable type of roof with many great advantages. It will always add value to your residence. […]

Is Metal Roofing the Best Choice for Your Home?2018-07-30T16:24:47-05:00

Counter Flashing Loose


Counter flashing is metal flashing installed into the wall to protect the roof membrane from coming loose from the wall as it transitions from the roof area. Counter flashing can also be used in conjunction with ell flashing at the same detail area. On this roof the counter flashing, which has a concealed return flashing [...]

Counter Flashing Loose2017-11-06T18:16:57-05:00

Gable End Flashing Incorrect


Gable ends are where a valley terminates into a roof's surface, rather than running the entire length to the roof's edge. They are quite common and add to the roof's design. However, if not correctly detailed with flashings and sealants, the gable end is an area of concern. With the valley channeling large amounts of [...]

Gable End Flashing Incorrect2017-11-06T18:16:57-05:00

Valley Metal Buckling


Valley metal is installed by crimping the valley center, fastening the entire length of both edges and then applying mastic to cover the valley metal edge and fasteners. When valley metal is not properly pressed, fastened and/or sealed it causes buckling and waving. Since a valley is designed to channel water between two pitch areas [...]

Valley Metal Buckling2017-11-06T18:16:57-05:00

Plastic Boot Used


As you know, plastic typically dries out rather quickly in our environment. The sun's UV rays cause oil migration much the same as it does to exposed asphalt. On this roof a plastic boot stack flashing was used to seal the pipe. A gap between the pipe and surrounding flashing is visible and allowing seepage. [...]

Plastic Boot Used2017-11-06T18:16:57-05:00

Fair / Unfair Metals Touching


When two different types of metals, fair and unfair as they are called, come in contact a chemical reaction occurs. Electrolysis uses moisture as catalysis at a molecular level to pass ions from one metal to the other. The process causes a deterioration of both metals similar to the effects of rust. Using two different [...]

Fair / Unfair Metals Touching2017-11-06T18:16:57-05:00

Metal Flashing Seams Separating


Flashing seams must be overlapped correctly and an adequate amount of sealant placed in between the overlap area to ensure proper waterproofing at the ell flashing transition area. The correct way to repair this area is to replace the flashing with new. That is the only way to ensure the flashing detail area will not [...]

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