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7 Steps To Know You Can Trust Your Roofer


A new roof is a significant home improvement investment which ensures your home, family, and household valuables are protected from rain, storms, hail, winds, and other elements. However, your roof is only as good as the roofing material used and the quality of the installation and maintenance. […]

7 Steps To Know You Can Trust Your Roofer2020-12-15T08:29:54-05:00

Rain, Roof Repairs, And What You Need to Know


Florida weather can be one of the biggest issues your roof faces during its lifetime. Hail, thunderstorms, hurricane-force winds, and even the amount of humidity in the air; they’re all contributing factors to roof problems. Your home’s roof is an important part of keeping your home safe, dry, and livable. Here’s what you need to [...]

Rain, Roof Repairs, And What You Need to Know2018-05-17T10:11:06-05:00

How to Be Ready for Roof Leaks Before They Start


The term “roof leak” might bring to mind a downpour of rain streaming into your attic through a big hole in the roof caused by a falling tree limb. While a storm can certainly cause this kind of sudden, catastrophic damage, roof leaks are often more difficult to pinpoint, as most start out small and [...]

How to Be Ready for Roof Leaks Before They Start2017-11-06T18:16:49-05:00

What You Need to Know about Residential Roof Restoration


Most Tampa residents think of their roofs — when they think of them at all — as parts that just sit, doing their job day in and day out. Yet your roof would benefit, just as commercial roofs do, from Tampa roof restoration services. The same care and skill the expert roofers at Imperial Roofing [...]

What You Need to Know about Residential Roof Restoration2017-11-06T18:16:49-05:00

Ways to Add the Most Value to Your Home


What changes should you make to your Tampa-area home to boost its value? Remodeling’s Cost Versus Value annually pegs the return on investment for various household projects. The 2017 list offers glimpses of ways Tampa homeowners can add value to their homes, with the help of Tampa roofing contractors. […]

Ways to Add the Most Value to Your Home2018-07-30T16:22:14-05:00

Ways Your Roof Can Complicate Life


The average Bosc pear seems, somehow, to know exactly when to go from unripe to spoiled when you are not looking. It sits on the counter, hard and unappealing for days, then turns to mush as soon as your back is turned. Are roofs like that? They just sit there, and suddenly your life is [...]

Ways Your Roof Can Complicate Life2017-11-06T18:16:49-05:00

Incorrect Shingle & Metal Roofing Offset


Shingles & metal panels are not a waterproofing material. When installed correctly, they do "shed" water. However, if installed on a flat roof, they would allow massive seepage. The way shingles & metal work is by their overlapping design. As the previous layer is covered by the next it creates a stair step water shed [...]

Incorrect Shingle & Metal Roofing Offset2018-12-14T10:44:05-05:00

Roof Vent Not Sealed Properly


As with all roof-top objects it is important that proper water flow and installation are considered. Flashing that is not layered correctly and sealant applied in the right junction areas allow water seepage. The roof vent flange on this roof was not installed correctly with the proper overlap procedure. Sealant has done a good job [...]

Roof Vent Not Sealed Properly2017-11-06T18:16:57-05:00

Holes in the Roof


Flying debris, animals and old rooftop items can all cause holes in your shingle roof. Punctures are major concern because there are no roofing materials protecting the building from water intrusion. Holes in the roof need to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage to the underlayment.         We service South Florida, [...]

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