Tampa Weather And Your Shingle Roof


  Residents of Tampa, FL are no strangers to stormy weather. Even when it’s not hurricane season, it’s not uncommon to experience stormy weather. As such, it’s important to keep your home’s roof in good condition to help reduce the risk of roof damage as much as possible whenever a storm hits. […]

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3 Best Ways to Care for Your Shingle Roof


A new roof is a great way to spruce up your home and raise its value. However, it’s a large expense, making it important to get as many good years as possible from it. Unfortunately, shingle roofs are susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. Keep your roof in tip-top condition by making sure [...]

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3 Hidden Signs that It’s Time for Shingle Roof Replacement


Where is the first place you should look to tell if you need to replace your shingle roof? For roof replacement, Tampa homeowners will usually say, “the roof,” but they would be wrong. Learn the right answer, plus two more subtle or hidden signs indicating fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof replacement. […]

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How to Know If Your Shingle Roof Needs Repair


Your home’s shingle roof is a lot like your family pet. Neither can speak to you if it needs attention. But just as Rover is sending out quiet signals of pain or discomfort, your roof is putting out clear, if silent, signs that shingle roof repair time is near. […]

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What Happens During a Shingle Roof Replacement?


The humble shingle holds something of a distinction; in the early 1840’s, Abraham Lincoln formalized his law partnership with friend Billy Herndon by writing both their names on a roofing shingle hung outside their office. While historical significance isn’t on most homeowners’ minds, shingles themselves are on around 80 percent of homes in the Tampa [...]

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Incorrect Shingle & Metal Roofing Offset


Shingles & metal panels are not a waterproofing material. When installed correctly, they do "shed" water. However, if installed on a flat roof, they would allow massive seepage. The way shingles & metal work is by their overlapping design. As the previous layer is covered by the next it creates a stair step water shed [...]

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No Flashing at Pitch Transition


Whenever two different roof pitches transition a specially designed flashing is needed to bridge the slope change. This roof does not have the correct flashing and is relying on sealant to disallow seepage. Over time the sealant will deteriorate and allow leaks. The pitch transition on your roof does not have any flashing in it. [...]

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Flashing Seams Separating


Flashing seams must be overlapped correctly and an adequate amount of sealant placed in between the overlap area to ensure proper waterproofing at the ell flashing transition area. Ell flashing seams were separating here and in need of additional sealant. The correct way to repair this area is to replace the flashing with new. That [...]

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Roof Vent Not Sealed Properly


As with all roof-top objects it is important that proper water flow and installation are considered. Flashing that is not layered correctly and sealant applied in the right junction areas allow water seepage. The roof vent flange on this roof was not installed correctly with the proper overlap procedure. Sealant has done a good job [...]

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Holes in the Roof


Flying debris, animals and old rooftop items can all cause holes in your shingle roof. Punctures are major concern because there are no roofing materials protecting the building from water intrusion. Holes in the roof need to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage to the underlayment.         We service South Florida, [...]

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