Shingle Roof RepairThe repair of shingle or asphalt roof can be as simple as fixing a single shingle or as complicated as replacing the whole roof – sub floor and all. The real problem is that it often takes the experienced eye of a roofing professional to know the difference. Here are a few common problems, their solutions and any potential future risks that they pose:

Minor Leaks

By far, the most common problem with a roof is a leak. While it usually a simple matter to fix one, it can be incredibly difficult to identify the exact spot. Professionals always start by looking at all the penetrations of the roof such as vents and pipes. If these prove unfruitful, an investigation in the attic and on the rooftop must look for other sources of the leak. In short, this is the best time to use a professional roofing repair specialist as his experience and resources will more than pay for your time and aggravation in finding the leak yourself.

Missing Shingles

High winds will pry shingles off of your roof and cause shingles to loosen and rip off the roof. It is not always necessary to remove and replace the entire shingle roof if you are missing shingles in a specific location.  Sometimes a more specific shingle roof repair can be made to the area with damage. It is still important to repair a sufficiently large area – and do it properly – or you are just inviting further repairs down the road. In addition, a poorly done, minor repair can also allow water to infiltrate the house and cause major damage.

Simple Old Age

The best roofs, installed professionally, will last for decades but they all eventually succumb to the ravages of Mother Nature. It is inevitable that some roofs will need a major overhaul or a complete replacement. The key is knowing when to repair versus when to replace to get the most out of your current roof. It’s best to consult a professional roofing company, like Imperial Roofing Contractor, if you find yourself in this situation as most inspections and estimates will be free.

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Shingle Roof Repair