T-PEACHIs your Tampa area home in need of a roof replacement? If so, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you need to find a Tampa area roof contractor that has a reputation for reliability, customer service and workmanship. Here, at Imperial Roofing Contractor, we have carefully built such a reputation over three generations within our family-owned roofing company. Secondly, you’ll have to consider what kind of roof replacement you want. We recommend that you consider a tile roof replacement.

The Benefits of a Tile Roof Replacement

One of the biggest advantages of a tile roof replacement is the fact that tile is one of the most appealing of all roofing materials. There are various styles of tiles to choose from, all of which will go a long way towards improving your home’s curb appeal. The following are some of the styles available:

  • 9 and 13 inch Flat Concrete
  • Low and High Barrel Concrete
  • Spanish S in Concrete and Clay

These styles vary in price although each one meets the minimum code, comes with a material warranty, and can provide you with an insurance reduction. Of course, the aesthetic of your roof won’t matter if it is of poor quality, but at Imperial Roofing Contractor we only use the highest quality products. Additionally, tiles are an incredibly durable roofing option and are extremely resistant to all of the elements, including strong winds and rain.

The Process of a Tile Roof Replacement

Making sure that our customers know what a roof replacement entails is an important part of our service. We want our customers to know exactly what we are doing so that they have no lingering doubts about the process. It is the peace of mind that matters, after all.

  • First of all, we will remove all existing roofing materials.
  • We will inspect the roof for any roof sheathing or fascia board that has rotted and replace it where necessary.
  • Your whole roof deck will then be refastened.
  • A water barrier will be installed.
  • New boots, vents and drip edge flashings will be installed wherever needed. Additionally, hurricane-rated skylights will be installed if desired, as well.
  • Your tile roofing selection will then be carefully installed.

BROWNBe sure to consider the benefits of a beautiful tile roof replacement if you are planning on replacing the roof of your Tampa area home. Tile can add beauty, texture and durability to your roof. Contact Imperial Roofing Contractor, a Tile Roofing Institute of America certified contractor, for more information on a new tile roof for your home.

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