How To Understand The Cost Of Your Tile Roof Repair

Having a tile roof provides excellent protection and a wonderful aesthetic appeal for your home. However, determining how much repairs will cost can be difficult. Here are a few of the elements involved in estimating the cost of tile roof repair work.

Roof Age

Older tile roofs can sometimes be more expensive to repair compared to newer tile roofs. Part of this is due to the cost of older tiles, which may be more difficult to locate and more expensive to purchase. Furthermore, your roofers might need to perform extra work to ensure newly installed tiles match the color and patina of older tiles.

What’s Being Repaired?

Roofs are more complex than many people realize, and tile roofs are no exception. It’s generally fairly simple to estimate the cost of replacing tiles, but repairing structural elements or the roof deck itself can be expensive. In addition, roofers often need to remove tiles or other elements to fully determine the overall cost of repair work, as some problems might not be visible initially. Even though tiles provide excellent protection, most roofs typically still have weatherproofing and waterproofing layers, especially in rainy and windy locations such as Tampa, FL.

Extent of Repair Work

Tile roofs offer excellent durability. In many cases, only a few tiles need to be replaced, but more extensive repair work will drive up the bills considerably. Furthermore, homeowners sometimes upgrade to new tile materials for better durability or for aesthetic purposes. During these upgrades, it may be possible to reuse lower layers of the roof. It’s worth noting that newer types of tiles have come on the market over the years, so make sure to consider all of your options.

Labor Costs

Tiles are more expensive than most other types of roofing material, but much of the cost is due to the labor involved in installing tiles. Changes in demand over time can have an effect on labor costs, but different companies offer varying rates. Note that more experienced companies often change more than their less experienced counterparts. However, they’re often able to operate faster due to their experience. In addition, paying for a reputable and local company ensures you’ll receive excellent service, potentially extending the lifespan of your roof.


Tile roofs offer timeless appeal, and their robust design makes them a wise investment. If you have any questions about your current tile roof or are interested in having one installed in the Tampa, FL, region, make sure to contact Imperial Roofing Contractor to learn more.