roof leak emergency


The sound no homeowner wants to hear: water dripping from your ceiling due to a leaky roof. When rain water begins to leak into your home, emergency roof repair is in order.

What to Look For

A roof leak is often not immediately noticeable – until continual rains have done their damage. To catch potential problems before they occur, keep an eye out for:

  • High Winds – roofing systems can be damaged by small bursts of high winds, as well as during sustained stormy weather. Watch for missing shingles or tiles, or dented metal roofing.
  • Falling Trees – even smaller branches falling on your home can create a dent in your roofing that leads to water seepage
  • Discolored Ceiling – A discolored or cracked ceiling may indicate water damage – from a broken pipe or from a roof leak.  Some homeowners opt to call in a contractor for a roof inspection, while others have easily-accessible attics to check for the water source.

Emergency Roof Repair Services

We offer live, round-the-clock phone support for those who need to talk to a contractor fast.

Imperial Roofing Contractor has been taking care of leaky roofs in the region of Land O Lakes and Tampa since 1968. Whether your building has a shingle, metal, tile, or flat roof system our team of experience roofing professionals can provide swift emergency services to help keep your home protected.

When you call Imperial Roofing, we will:

  1. Send out our team of factory trained and certified roofers to investigate/inspect your roofing
  2. Work with you to arrive at a suitable repair or replacement plan, complete with a written estimate.
  3. Provide high-quality roofing workmanship and consistent communication during the project.
  4. Wrap up the project, and leave you with a better, more secure, home.

With over 40 years in the industry there isn’t alot that we haven’t seen. Loose flashing, broken shingles or roofing tiles, improper installation of materials, tears in roofing membrane, these are just the start of a list of culprits that created your roof leak.

Don’t wait until raindrops are falling on your head. Have your roof inspected by Imperial Roofing Contractor today!

Emergency Roofing Service

Original article published on July 8, 2013.
Updated on May 4, 2015