Man's Best Friend

Your Furry Friend

A dog is a man’s best friend. In St. Petersburg, as in many other dog-friendly cities, there’s a whole wide world out there begging for your dog to sit up and take notice; from dog parks to pet friendly retail establishments.

Your furry, loyal friend deserves all the love and attention you throw his way. Homemade dog biscuits, organic grain-free kibble, and so many squeaky toys, are just a few of the ways you show your dog how much he or she means to you. But where do you make him live?

Doghouses today are no longer just a way to keep Fido or Fluffy out of the elements: the doghouse of the modern world is an architectural work of art.

New Roof Dog HouseSafe and Secure

A dog house in Florida must, at very least, be practical. Its functions should include:

  • Shade
  • Wind Protection
  • Rain Protection

Make sure that any materials or paints used are non-toxic. Dogs will be dogs; let the worst damage of a teething canine be some doghouse construction, not a trip to the vet!

Security with Style

Of course, many homeowners are looking to go a step up from the generic dog house. Although a room that enables your pooch to turn around and settle in, is really all your dog needs (canines, by nature, are den animals and prefer a cozier abode), imagine the possibilities and fun of a little embellishment….

Modern dog house design is the art of combining function and flair. There’s a whole enterprise built on creating breathtaking dog houses that outshine any of your pooch’s pals.

If you’d like to add a little pizzazz to the doghouse in your care, start your creative juices flowing with these thoughts:

  • Match architectural designs – is your home a modular home? A modern marvel? Does it have gables or a gambrel roof?  Maybe a skylight or two? Make your dog house a mini-me that is a tiny model of your home’s exterior!
  • Give the Pooch a porch – Is it necessary? No. Is it adorable? Yes. Give your doghouse a facelift with a little shaded patio so your pup can look around the yard while laying in the shade.
  • Provide the Furnishings! – There is something to be said for…a soft bed to lay on…fresh water inside…possibly even a divided room for two dogs to have their own spaces?
  • Match colors – At very least, paint the doghouse a matching or complementary color to your home. Instead of looking like an afterthought, your dog’s home will seem to belong.

A final thought: Imperial Roofing can install matching roofs for you and your best friend! They specialize in metal, shingle, and tile roofing, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Roof Replacement
If you think the time is right for a new roof for your own home, contact Imperial Roofing Contractor today and don’t end up in the dog house.