Don't Put Off a Roof Inspection - Here's Why

A roof inspection can mean roof repairs, bills, and working with contractors. However, a roof inspection can give the homeowner a sense of security. Homeowners should know that an annual roof inspection is necessary to stay on top of maintenance issues. Not knowing when to call a roofing contractor is the main reason why homeowners don’t do it! After a severe storm, or after seeing some things on your roof that just don‘t look right, do not hesitate to call your roofing contractor.

After the Storm, Damage Gets Worse

If your contractor is not called for an inspection following an extreme storm, damage will most likely go unseen, get worse with time, and could cost you a substantial amount of money. Additionally, if you need to make an insurance claim, calling as soon as possible will ensure that you don’t miss your insurance company’s deadline.

No Warranty Can Promise a Damage-Free Roof

A manufacturer’s warranty is a written guarantee: a complete agreement between buyer and seller that the product will last as long as printed on the warranty. There are some roofing issues that can arise that cannot be controlled, and the manufacturer should be able to cover the costs. If the costs of the damage can not be covered, it is most likely because your warranty has been voided. Tampering with your roof in almost any way can cause your roof’s warranty to become voided.

Do not assume that damage will not occur while your warranty is still in place; your roof should still be inspected and maintained as though it is not covered by a written warranty. It is common for wind storms to blow off shingles and hail to cause dents on your roof. Heavy rains can bring leaks and mold to surface, and even though your roof is covered by a warranty, simple inspections should be scheduled to stop further formation of damage.

Stay Up-to-Date with New Energy Efficient Options

The energy efficiency of your home will continue to decrease as time goes on and new products are developed. . Regular roof inspections can ensure that your home is up-to-date with the latest codes. Keeping your roof energy efficient will save you money in the end.

We understand the importance of roof inspections and what can happen if they are delayed. To save time, money and stress, call the Imperial Roofing Contractor team to schedule an inspection and to make sure your roof is in its best possible shape.

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