Commercial building owners in Tampa now have colorful options when considering new roofing solutions for low slope roofs. Thanks to Duro-Last’s innovative new roofing material offered and installed by Imperial Roofing, your Tampa-area Duro-Last roofing contractor, your business can stand out from the crowd.

Duro-Last’s Lasting Colors

Eight vivid colors can now grace the top of your Tampa business. Duro-Last produces Duro-Fleece, a 50-mil or 60-mil thick membrane ideal for economical and long-lasting commercial roof coverage. Besides the traditional white, which is so helpful in repelling Florida heat, seven new colors offered by special order through Duro-Last roofing contractor Imperial Roofing, include:roof_replacement_flat_l

  • blue
  • charcoal
  • copper
  • light gray
  • dark green
  • light tan
  • patina

These colors are on both top and bottom surfaces, so bleed-through is not an issue. The membrane is available in roll widths from just under a yard wide to 10 feet wide, making application easy in any commercial setting of any size, from corner store to distribution center.

Why Color?

Low-slope roofing is usually not easily visible from the street, so a commercial owner may ask if a color roof offers any benefit. Most obviously, especially in Tampa, your business will stand out when viewed from above, whether seen from an office tower, private aircraft, helicopter, or commercial jet.

In addition, your color roof can offer striking advertising value for still images (billboards, postal cards, menus, flyers) and internet or television commercials. A business with a copper-colored low-slope roof will stand out beautifully against the dark grey and black of typical built-up roofing or modified bitumen.

If a commercial building owner wants to enhance the dramatic appeal of a low-slope roof, adding a few strategic rooftop flood lights will cause the new, colorful roof to reflect colored light up, making a stunning visual display in blue, tan or any of the other fine colors. The eye appeal brings value and attention to your business.


Duro-Last’s roof is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film with a knitted scrim within, providing outstanding strength and waterproofing. The PVC includes resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants, ultraviolet-light absorbents, and biocides. Duro-Last’s roof inhibits algae growth, reflects light (lowering cooling costs), and withstands years of wear and tear with minimal maintenance. Duro-Last roofing contractor, Imperial Roofing, can apply this colorful membrane using hot-air welding, making for a long-lasting, tough tinted top to your Tampa business.

When you are looking at a replacing your low-slope roof, contact Imperial Roofing Contractor to learn more about the new colors available in the Duro-Fleece Roofing System.

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