Faced with re-roofing a commercial property, a Tampa business owner has many decisions and hurdles to tackle in short order. One of the thorniest problems—and there can be many problems with a poorly installed or poorly maintained low-slope roof—is moisture within the roof. Has it ruined the insulation? Have leaks gone untreated? Will membrane and insulation have to come up so new materials can go on?


Flat Ponding WaterOf the top ten commercial roofing problems, half are caused by water:

  1. Ponding
  2. Trapped Humidity From Inside the Building
  3. Leaks From Membrane Punctures
  4. Seam Leaks
  5. Leaks at Flashing

Across all commercial roofing systems—BUR, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, TPO, or PVC—any good roofing contractor will confirm that leaks are a constant hazard. Low-slope roofing requires vigilant installation and conscientious maintenance.

If your previous roofing contractor ran the job hastily or failed to insulate correctly, moisture problems may have been built into the old roof from its first day. Deferred maintenance on your Tampa business’s roof may mean that moisture has been infiltrating the insulation for years.


Even seemingly impervious insulation materials will degrade when saturated. A common error when inspecting for moisture damage is to test the roof only from above with test cuts, without checking for rising moisture (from the building) below the deck. This is why at Imperial Roofing we use more than one method to evaluate your Tampa roof:roof_replacement_flat_l

  • Moisture Meter
  • Infrared Camera
  • Keyhole Camera
  • Visual Inspection

Ask your roofing contractor to make reasonable attempts to inspect the roof from beneath. All testing methods should only be performed by qualified, trained experts.

Interpreting infrared readings, for example, is a mix of art and science and incorrectly interpreted results could lead to expensive and unnecessary removal of old insulation, when its moisture content is perfectly acceptable and the operator is merely misunderstanding a cold spot on the roof.

Keep the Old?

Often, the moisture content in the insulation is low enough and the parapets are high enough that a good roofing contractor such as Imperial Roofing can add an additional, tapering insulation layer to increase R-value without removing the old insulation. This is an economical choice both for re-roofing costs and long-term energy savings.

Bring in the New?

Sometimes, only part of the roof’s insulation is degraded, reducing its R-value. Imperial Roofing can replace only the saturated insulation to keep the low-slope profile and retain or improve your roof’s ability to shed water.

Imperial Roofing Contractor is Duro-Last Premium Warranty qualified. We use a variety of quality flat roofing materials and all our roofers are fully trained and experienced in flat roof installation and repair. For a free inspection and estimate of your flat or low-slope roof, contact Imperial Roofing Contractor.

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