Everyday Care of Your Tampa Tile RoofTile roofing can last fifty years or more, but not without regular maintenance and some awareness on the part of the homeowner. Your tile roof may be especially susceptible to damage from Florida weather, so it’s extremely important to do whatever you can to maintain the tile roof on your Tampa home properly.

Cleaning Your Tile Roof

Maintaining your tile roof means keeping it clean. Tampa’s climate can be exceedingly damp, encouraging mold growth and algal buildup on your roof tiles. Having your tile roof cleaned at least twice a year is essential to ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. A clean tile roof will look better and last longer than its dirty counterpart. A professional roofer with experience in tile roof repair should be able to clean your roof properly or can recommend another roofing service that can carry out the task. Don’t neglect this important task, especially in a climate like that of Tampa and the surrounding areas.

Regular Maintenance is Essential

Roofing tiles can fade, fail and begin to look old if they’re not taken care of on a regular basis. Weathering can occur much sooner than you might think if the tiles are not cared for properly. Caring for your roof can take quite a bit of time and effort; it could be to your advantage to work with a qualified professional to carry out tasks like:

  • Washing tiles and removing mold or algae growths.
  • Buffing tiles to maintain their coloration and remove the chalky buildup that can collect on tile surfaces.
  • Priming, painting and sealing tiles to reduce weathering and color changes.

Keeping Your Tile Roof in Good Shape

One of the most important things you can do to keep your tile roof in good repair is to work with an experienced professional when you need roof repairs. Walking on roofing tiles can cause them to crack and fail prematurely; an experienced professional will have the knowledge and tools to inspect your roof and make any repairs, without causing further damage. Tile roof repair can be a tricky undertaking, especially on older tiles. Don’t hesitate to get help when you suspect a roofing problem.
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