Metal roofing provides homeowners with many benefits, such as improved energy efficiency during the summer and a much longer lifespan than other types of roofing. When it comes to metal roof repair, there are a few special issues that you may encounter. Fortunately, we have a solution for any metal roof repair needs and the expertise to restore your metal roofing to pristine condition. Here are six common issues for metal roof repair:

Metal Counter Flashing Loose

Loose Counter Flashing

Metal roofs with flashing to protect the membrane can sometimes have this part of the installation come loose, requiring refastening and sealing to keep out the elements.




Metal Gable end Flashing Incorrect Installation (1)

Damaged Gable Ends

The joints of a roof’s valleys need properly installed and maintained gable ends, which connect and seal different sections of the roof where they coincide.




Metal Valley BuckledBuckled Metal

When sections of the roof buckle or wave, which most often occurs around valleys, you’ll need quality metal roof repair to improve aesthetics and ensure that rainwater flows as it should.




Metal Plastic Boot Used

Broken Plastic Fixtures

If your roof was installed with plastic parts like boots around pipes, you may notice that they crack and break due to the sun’s rays and weathering. We recommend replacing these fixtures with lead boots and other quality parts that withstand the outdoors better.



Metal No Sealant at Flashing (1)

Improper Sealing

If vents are not sealed properly or no sealant has been installed at flashing edges, the roof becomes more prone to damage, warping, and water seepage. Improved sealing efforts can greatly reduce the need for future metal roof repair.



Metal Flashing Rusted (1)

Rusted Metals

Another common need for metal roof repair occurs when different types of metals are improperly placed next to each other, creating a chemical reaction of electrolysis that speeds up the rusting process of metal. We can fix the issue and prevent it from occurring again in the near future.



Metal roofing offers great durability and easy maintenance, but it is not without its potential issues. For professional metal roof repair to improve the look and function of your home, you should call on metal roofing experts, like us at Imperial Roofing Contractor, to fix any problems you’ve noticed and prevent any damage from getting worse. Contact us today!

Other Metal Roof Repair Issues