What You Need to Know about Flat Roof Restoration

Flat roof (low-slope roof) restoration is not identical to maintenance. To maintain a flat roof, you enlist your trusted, local roofer for annual inspection and spot repair. To restore a flat roof, you revitalize it, you scrupulously examine it, you strategize a program to bring back years of useful life.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is key to a roof’s integrity. You need annual inspection, maintenance and flat roof repair to preserve the life of your roof. These are basic actions that any good facilities manager takes to protect the asset that protects all the company’s assets: your roof.

Typical annual inspection and maintenance means a walk-over, documenting concerning areas, and putting together a punch list of priorities. It does not typically mean the immediate return of a multi-day crew to attend to every issue, to clean the roof, or to add waterproof coatings.

Expect your conscientious roofer to close up open seams and keep drains clear. Expect the roofer’s crew to clear wayward debris and add ballast as needed. Of course your roofer will also respond to concerns you have about water infiltration or the integrity of your roof deck.

Yet, for all maintenance can do, restoration can do more.

Flat Roof Restoration

Flat roof restoration can be thought of as an alternative to roof replacement, rather than a fancier kind of maintenance. With proper restoration services, you can add years of life to a roof you may have thought was past its life span.

Restoration accomplishes all this:

  • All flashing details, around roof curbs, parapets and protrusions, are checked and repaired
  • Depressed areas are inspected, assessed, and measured to determine possible ponding problems
  • Trouble spots are inspected and documented; these are areas where water or wind-blown debris may accumulate, such as HVAC units, power sources through the roof, and roof add-ons like signs and radio masts
  • Your roof is thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper water drainage
  • Your roof deck is evaluated
  • HVAC units and other rooftop structures are checked for proper seals between structures and roof
  • One option available is the HydroStop Renewable Roof System

To extend the life of your roof, contact the trained professionals of Imperial Roofing Contractor today. We can assess your flat (low-slope) roof, design a program of roof restoration, and provide affordable, convenient service on your schedule.