GAF-Certified-Green-RooferEnvironmental awareness—recycling, conserving resources, and reducing our impact on the earth—means companies are proudly advertising their “green” credentials. They do this partly to help the environment, but mainly to make money. When you find a GAF Certified Green Roofer™, though, you have found a contractor who genuinely cares enough about the environment to work every day to make this world better.

Green Means Go

The term “green” is thrown around a lot for commercial purposes. A company may claim it is ecologically responsible because it has less of a harsh ingredient in an otherwise polluting product. A company may claim it uses “green technology” in its home office, but its trucks and ships belch out vast quantities of carbon. So what is GAF green roof certified? How do you know it means anything?

In the case of GAF, it means that roofing company has surpassed many other businesses in demonstrating true concern for improving the environment. To begin, only contractors who have met the criteria for GAF Master Elite and Certified Contractor programs are eligible. This eliminates most roofers.

A GAF Certified Green Roofer™ must then commit to several key requirements:

  • Agree to overall sustainability in their business
  • Recycling in the front office is matched by recycling on the jobsite
  • The company agrees to recycle asphalt-fiberglass shingles
  • The roofer must complete education coursework


Recycling Shingles into Roads

Every year, some 11 million tons of shingles are torn off roofs and sent to landfills. Most of a shingle is asphalt, easily recycled by grinding into small bits to be melted into paving material. This diverts shingles from landfills and reduces the amount of petroleum pumped from the ground. A GAF green roof certified contractor will separate your home’s old shingles from the other renovation waste. Even the nails in the shingles are recycled!

What You Can Do to Help the Earth

Seek out a contractor who is GAF green roof certified and make sure of the contractor’s commitment to recycle your home’s old shingles. Be accommodating—a container for recyclable construction materials will need to fit on the jobsite (your property) alongside the waste bin for other items that cannot be recycled.

Imperial Roofing Contractor is a GAF Certified Green Roofer™, experienced in recycling shingles. Hire a professional that is GAF green roof certified, and the next time you cruise down a freshly paved Land O Lakes, Florida road, you might be driving on your old roof.

Contact Imperial Roofing Contractor, your Land O Lakes GAF Certified Green Roofer, when you are in the market for a new roof.