When searching for a “green roof”, environmentally conscious customers can depend on Imperial Roofing Contractor. Our metal roofs provide you with many green benefits that are superior to those found with other roofing systems.

Metal Roofing Uses Recycled & Recyclable Materials

When the life of a metal roof comes to an end, 100% of the materials used in its construction are recyclable. At least 25% of the metal used in its creation also come from recycled materials. These materials include metals such as aluminum, which in itself consists of 95% recycled metal. Because of this advantage, metal roofing remains unsurpassed when it comes to green roofing.


Tampa Metal Roofing Can Last A Lifetime

Since a metal roof can last a lifetime, and any maintenance required is low, the amount of materials used throughout its lifespan are minimal. This reduction in waste helps to ensure that our earth’s valuable resources, as well as the energy used to create these materials, are not used in excess.

Imperial Roofing Contractor’s metal roofing is made from low weight materials that help to protect a building’s or home’s structure. In the event of a fire, metal roofing is fire resistant which minimizes the release of dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. Since a light weight metal roof places fewer demands on a structure, any damage can be minimized. This results in fewer materials being wasted when it comes to repairs, since a structure’s integrity is not compromised by the roof’s weight.

Metal Roofing Reduces Energy Waste

Our metal roofs are commonly referred to as cool roofs. A cool roof has unique properties which reduce a home’s or building’s heating and cooling load. The reflective properties of metal roofing causes it to absorb heat during the colder seasons while repelling it during the warmer months. This feature affects the indoor environment of a building or home making it easier for the structure to maintain ideal temperatures throughout the year. By cutting down on heating and cooling costs, business and homeowners can expect substantial savings over time thanks to our Tampa metal roofing services here at Imperial Roofing Contractor.

Because of these benefits, metal roofing’s environmental impact is low. We are fully certified in Renewable Green Roofing and do our part to provide environmentally friendly roofing services. Imperial Roofing Contractor offers a wide array of roofing services that can enhance any Tampa home or business. Contact Imperial Roofing Contractor today to talk about your environmentally friendly metal roofing options.

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