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Buying a home is a huge undertaking. When you’re in the market, it is helpful to have a checklist to help spot potential problems a house might have. In this article, we’ll look at one of the most important make it or break it factors: the roof. Any faults in the roofing system may result in major damage to the rest of the home. Spotting a bad roof is easy, however, if you know what to look for.

What to Look For:

Shingle Roof

Warning Signs:

A wavy, sagging roof line – Indication of damaged sheathing
Dark spots and trails – Discoloration is an indication of a variety of problems, ranging from mild to serious.
“Bald” shingles – When the shingles start losing their granules, it is a sign that the house will soon need a new roof.
Moss and leaves – If left on the roof, decaying moss and leaves accelerate asphalt roof deterioration. The overall condition of the roof should be inspected to make sure the roof has not been affected.

A good roof: 

If the shingles are less than 10 years old, without any of the warning signs listed above, check this item off your list!

Metal Roof

Warning Signs:

Dents – Can be caused by hailstorms, falling tree limbs, etc.  Inquiring how the dents occurred can give insight into the other
Rust – Metal roofing is rust resistant. Presence of rust is an indication of necessary repairs.

A good roof:

Metal roofs have a fifty year lifespan. These come in “shingles” or sections, and typically interlock. Installation costs are a bit more, but a metal roof will pay for itself. They are eco-friendly, and may curb the urban heat index. When done right, they are highly wind resistant and durable.

Tile Roof

Warning Signs: 

Chipped/Broken Tiles – This is not uncommon, although care should be taken to replace the broken or chipped tiles immediately to prevent further damage.
Missing Tiles – This permits water underneath the roofing system, exposing the roof to water damage.  The cost to repair can range from minimal to extreme, depending on the extent of damage.

A Good Roof:

Tile roofs make a beautiful roofing system that can last many decades.  Promptness on roof repair will help ensure its longevity.

Imperial Roofing Contractor

Buying a house is a big step. We hope these tips help make your home-buying experience a success.

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