Boosting your Tampa home’s value doesn’t have to involve having large-scale projects done, such as adding on a room or completely renovating your kitchen. Instead, focus on working within your budget and doing smaller, less costly projects that will provide a high return on investment when you sell your home.

Small Kitchen Updates

Gradually fixing up your kitchen will pay off down the road when you put your home on the market. Small projects to consider doing include:

  • Repainting the cabinets and cupboards
  • Replacing worn or scratched hardware, such as cabinet knobs, with shiny new ones
  • Replacing an older sink with a stainless steel one
  • Refinishing the countertops rather than replacing them

Paint Walls and Ceilings

A simple paint job in a room can give it a fresh new look and add value to your Tampa home. If you’ll be selling your home in the near future, stick with neutral colors for your walls and ceilings, since most buyers prefer these tones. If you’ll still be in your home for quite a few years, you can do an accent wall in a bolder color in your living room or bedroom for some added visual appeal.

Painting doesn’t cost much, even when you factor in the cost of rollers and other supplies you’ll need, and you can just do one room at a time to make the project even easier.

Minor Bathroom Upgrades

Many bathroom upgrades are simple and relatively inexpensive, but they’ll add a considerable amount of value to your home. Home buyers generally focus on bathrooms and kitchens when looking at homes, so any changes you make, no matter how small, will be worth it.

These are some common bathroom upgrades to consider:

  • Installing a new lighting fixture for a more modern appearance
  • Replacing a chipped and worn tile floor with a new one
  • Replacing towel bars, toothbrush holders, cupboard knobs and other hardware with new ones

Upgrade Your Roof With A Tampa Roofing ContractorCapistrano 3725 Palm Beach Blend (859 Isle Point, Sanford) 01_croppedFinally, don’t forget about your roof. A roof that needs a few minor repairs or one that’s in poor condition can significantly lower your home’s value. Hire a Tampa roofing contractor, such as Imperial Roofing Contractor, to give your roof a thorough inspection and take care of any needed repairs or to install a brand new roof.

As a trusted Tampa roofing contractor, Imperial Roofing will make sure that your home has a roof that will protect it from the elements.  Contact Imperial Roofing Contractor today!

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