How Your Roof Leak Progresses Into Your Home

A small roof leak may seem like no big deal, but if left unaddressed it will eventually become a much bigger problem.  

Homeowners in Tampa and the Land O Lakes area should know that the sooner you have the problem diagnosed and repaired by a residential roof professional, the better.  It’s important to protect the structural integrity of your home, and repairing a small roof leak costs only pennies compared to the cost of having the entire roof replaced!

Why you should never ignore a roof leak

Water is your home’s worst enemy, and a small leak isn’t going to go away; leaks only become worse.  Some of the damage that could occur includes:

  • Structural damage.  The roof is what protects all other components and materials in your home.  As a small leak progresses it may cause damage to the walls, ceiling, attic and even to ceiling joists, ceiling fans and more.  Water causes wood rot over time, so you can only imagine the potential damage and cost to make repairs to your home.
  • Potential fire hazard.  Water and electrical wiring don’t mix, and if there are any broken wires in your ceiling or attic it could result in an electrical fire.  
  • Mold and mildew.  The wood used in the roof, walls and other areas of your home will begin to decay if the roof leak continues to progress due to moisture.  These are ideal conditions for the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to the health of your family members.

As soon as you notice a water stain on the ceiling or wall you know there is a problem.  Have your roof inspected right away to prevent further damage. If you suspect a roof leak but aren’t sure if one exists, never go up on the roof yourself. It’s far too dangerous and you can end up contributing to the damage on your roof.

Water is highly destructive to the materials used in building a home.  The tiniest leak will progress into something bigger, infiltrating the walls, ceilings and other structural components over time.  Taking care of the problem now will protect your biggest investment and cost far less to repair.

At Imperial Roofing Contractor we are dedicated to providing exceptional roofing solutions to homeowners in Tampa, Land O Lakes and surrounding areas in Florida.  Suspect you have a roof leak? Give us a call today and enjoy peace of mind knowing we are a trusted GAF Master Elite roofing contractor.

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