Is Metal Roofing the Best Choice for Your Home?

Metal roofing is an investment that will last for the life of your home. This is the most durable type of roof with many great advantages. It will always add value to your residence.

The old rusty, corrugated tin roof found in the tropics is not the modern steel roof that is used today on homes. Modern metal roofing can look like shingles or boards. There are many colors and styles available.

Durability and resistance

A few of the many benefits of metal roofs include:

  • Durability
  • Wind resistance with interlocking panels
  • Fire resistance
  • Less weight than shingles and concrete tiles
  • Energy efficiency

These are important advantages. A metal roof will resist twigs and leaves that might stick to composite shingles. Water run-off is immediate with a metal roof and flashings. The smooth, slippery surface prevents water build up even on low-pitch roofs. Hidden fasteners won’t collect dirt and grime. Roofs are coated to prevent rust and reflect heat. Moss and fungus cannot grow in the roof since there is no organic matter.

A metal roof is easy to install in 12″ to 36″ sections. Panes can be vertical or horizontal to complement the architecture of any building. The metal panels weigh about 750 pounds per 100 square feet. A tile roof can weigh about 900 pounds for the same area.

Environmental advantages

The metal roof is energy efficient in holding in cool air since the surface reflects heat rather than absorbing it. This lightens the load on your air conditioning system that runs most of the year in Florida.

Metal is not combustible, so the roof will not catch on fire. This is added safety protection.


Yes, metal roofing costs more, but it does increase the value of the building. Since this is a very low-maintenance roof, you will not need continual repairs after a storm.

A metal roof can seem noisy during heavy rains. A well-insulated attic area will cut down on noise.

A metal roof will dent if hard objects fall on it, but other types of roofs (tiles and shingles) can also be damaged in a similar fashion.
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