How To Know Tile Roofing Is Really For You

With such an array of roofing materials available today, how can you know which one is the right choice for your Tampa home? Tile roofs are popular across Florida, but they are not suitable for all homes. Here are some factors which could make tile the right choice for you.


Tile roofs can last for several decades with the right maintenance. You might need to replace the flashing at some point, but the tiles themselves are incredibly durable. If you are looking for a roof which will not need replacing for many years to come, tile is a good option to consider.

Aesthetic Appeal

Tile roofs complement the aesthetic style of Tampa homes. Thanks to its beautiful, natural appearance, tile can lend a classy and sophisticated look to your home, which could potentially increase its curb appeal if you are looking to sell. Your home might even fetch a higher price thanks to your installation of a new tile roof.

Natural Material

Tile is a natural roofing material, which might be important to you if you want to minimize your home’s impact on the natural environment. If you want to use natural material for your roof instead of a man-made alternative, tile is an incredibly durable choice.


If your home is in an area prone to wildfires, a tile roof is a safe choice. Tiles are naturally fireproof so can improve the resistance of your home to fire. Tiles have a Class A fire rating.

Tile roofs are also less vulnerable to high winds than other types of roofs. This means they are a good choice if your home is frequently in the path of storms. Many Florida homeowners opt for tile roofs because they want to enjoy peace of mind during hurricane season.

Roof Slope

One factor which could prevent you from enjoying the many benefits of a tile roof is your roof’s slope. Tiles are most suitable for roofs with a pitch of at least 4:12, which means the roof rises four inches for every foot of horizontal distance.

If you want to install tiles on a roof with a lower slope, you will need to add a double underlayment layer to meet the building code in Florida. Other roofing materials, such as metal, are more likely to be suitable for roofs with slopes below 2:12.

Roof Frame

Tile roofs are heavy, which means they are only suitable for roofs with sturdy frames to support their weight. If your home currently has a lighter metal or shingle roof, you need to check with a Tampa roofing contractor whether the frame is sturdy enough to support a tile roof. The frame might need to be reinforced before it is suitable for tile roofing installation.


Tile is very durable and highly resistant to environmental conditions, but you will need to do some maintenance to keep a tile roof in good condition. For example, it is essential to regularly wash tiles to remove mold and algae growth. Getting up on the roof to do this yourself is dangerous, so you might need to hire a contractor.

You may also want to have a roofing contractor buff your tiles periodically to remove the chalky substance which can build up on them. Regular cleaning and buffing can help to maintain the original color of your tiles.

You can reduce the susceptibility of your tile roof to color changes by priming, painting, and sealing the tiles. These maintenance steps protect tiles from harsh weather conditions.

The most important thing to remember about maintaining your tile roof is to always work with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor. It is easy to damage tiles by walking on them. An experienced roofer will take steps to avoid cracking or otherwise damaging your tiles while carrying out important maintenance work.

Is a Tile Roof Right For You?

If you are willing to carry out the basic maintenance required by a tile roof, this type of roofing could be an excellent choice for your Florida home. You would benefit from the longevity, weather resistance, and beautiful appearance of this roofing style, which is popular throughout the Sunshine State.

How to Get a Tile Roof in Tampa Florida

To ensure high-quality installation for your new tile roof, contact Imperial Roofing. Our experienced roofers have been helping Tampa homeowners enjoy the benefits of tile roofing since 1968. We are ready to provide you with a free estimate today.