is your home ready for hurricane season and potential storm damage?

Hurricane season begins in June and no matter how many times those of us who call the Tampa area home have prepared to face whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way, there are several steps you can take that will put your home in a position to ride out the storm before the wind and rain strikes.

Clean up Outside

Hurricane-force winds can turn any debris that might be on your lawn into a flying projectile that can shatter windows and cause other damage to your home, so be sure to pick up and properly dispose of any trash that might be lying around outside in advance of the storm

Prune trees that have branches which overhand your roof and remove any dead branches you see.

Secure patio furniture and other loose items to prevent them from being blown around by the storm.

Check Your Home’s Exteriors

Roof & Siding

High winds and rain caused by hurricanes can wreck havoc on your roof and siding. Be sure that your roof meets local building codes and utilizes a construction-fastening system. For help or more information on this, Imperial Roofing can help.

Impact Resistant Glass

One of the most important things you can do to make your home hurricane ready is to install impact-resistant glass on your windows and doors. They will protect against both high winds and flying debris.

Hurricane Shutter System

You can also consider installing a hurricane shutter system on your windows or doors for an added level of protection.

Garage Door

Make sure your garage door is hurricane rated and can withstand the heavy winds the storm will bring.

Alternative Power

While your home will most likely weather the storm, many severe storms cause a power outage that can last a few hours – or days. A standby generator can provide the boost you need to keep your power on.

If you need any help with getting your roof ready to prevent storm damage during hurricane season, contact our team at Imperial Roofing.
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