If you and your building manager are debating commercial roofing choices for your St. Petersburg business, the idea of a “cool roof” has undoubtedly come up. Imperial Roofing can be an invaluable ally in weighing the costs and benefits of a cool roof. We know commercial roofing, and we know St. Petersburg’s temperatures. We can help you make the right cool roof choice.

Color Choices

While your instinct may be to ask for a white roof, the color is less important than selecting a material that blocks a wide spectrum of radiant energy. While white is an excellent choice, if the top coating does not reflect ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation, it will not be as effective as, for example, a thick coating of grey or tan material that reduces visible, UV, and infrared light absorption.

IM000424St. Petersburg’s sunny climate means you can recover the costs of a cool roof quickly, whether you opt for bright white paint, silver tile, grey slag or off-white marble chips. Most cool roofs are cost-competitive with traditional roofs for installation costs, but provide ample savings over their lifetimes:

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Extended Life Spans for HVAC equipment
  • Longer-Lasting Roof
  • Reduced Roof Maintenance

Cool Any Roof

An effective cool roof reflects radiant energy, whether it’s infrared (heat), UV, or visible light. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a properly installed cool roof can cut rooftop temperatures by as much as 50 degrees. The cool commercial roofing reduces heat absorption so your St. Petersburg building’s cooling system works less, and your electric bill drops. Any commercial roofing method can be modified by Imperial Roofing to provide cool roof advantages.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer—EPDM

This single-ply, synthetic black rubber commercial roofing membrane can have white or reflective pigments over-sprayed to reduce UV light and slow chemical degradation. These pigments are generally quite thick, adding to the UV protection.

Modified Bitumen

This composite commercial roofing membrane can be made cool by having the reflective coating applied to the reinforcing sheet at the factory, so roll-out exposes that reflective surface to the sun. This helps reduce the “urban heat island” effect and lower electricity usage, helping your business and the environment.

Built-Up Roof—BUR

Replacing the dark top layer of crushed stone with grey slag or white marble chips increases reflectivity. Like other cool roofs, this lowers cooling costs and provides a more comfortable work environment inside the building.

At Imperial Roofing, we are trained and experienced in installing cool roofing; we are Duro-Last Warranty qualified and also certified in Renewable Green roofing. Check out our roofing decider to decide what sort of new flat roof you would like on your St. Petersburg business.

For more information on reducing your energy consumption and lowering your bills with cool roofing, contact Imperial Roofing Contractor.

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