At Imperial Roofing, we are always excited to be able to offer quality roofing for our clients. Here’s a great letter that we’d like to share from one of the homeowners we recently worked with on a project.

It is with great pleasure I am writing this letter on behalf of Imperial Roofing Company.

A few years after we moved into our new 8,000 s.f. house we discovered that our roof was leaking from many sites due to poor and improper installation. We realized at that stage that the entire roof needed to be removed and replaced with a properly installed new roof. We gathered several bids from local roofing companies for the project. After careful selection, we were fortunate to choose Imperial Roofing to perform the job. Their bid was timely and professionally submitted and was priced comparably with other bids. However, it offered tight supervision and committed to perform this complex project with special care to avoid damage to the delicate environment of the house and its surroundings. We contacted several references who have used the company in the past and were given very positive responses.

The work that started on time as scheduled, was performed efficiently with high quality. All the tasks they promised met the expectations and beyond. They brought the best equipment on board, used well trained and efficient crew to do every aspect of the work at a first class level. Their employees were professional, conscientious and loyal.

Although the work was complex, it was well organized and efficient. As the company is owned and operated by a family, there was always the presence of a family member on site supervising and directing the work. It was a pleasure to see how hard they worked to please us and protect our personal property. They were open to explain any aspect of the work and responded kindly to make this construction process less painful and less disrupting.

To meet the time constraints, they started work early in the morning and left only when it was too dark to work. The owner himself inspected every stage of the work and was the last to leave. The company demonstrated to us a high quality of honesty and integrity. They used the best available material on the market and never tried to cut any corners. The charges for additional work that was needed were fair without inflating the cost. We felt we did not need to hire any additional supervision on the project since the company performance exceeded expectation.

We were very lucky to have Imperial Roofing replace our complex roof, and who made the task easier for us due to their capability to utilize their own in house multi task specialists.

The job was completed ahead of schedule and thereafter they responded rapidly to our several calls to address a few of our questions. We cannot describe the relief and satisfaction that Imperial Roofing gave us by their loyalty and performance. We feel at ease now after going through such a bad experience with the previous roofing company who built our original roof. We can highly recommend Imperial Roofing for anyone lucky enough to choose them for their needs.

Owner of the house

Moshe K.

Thanks so much for the kind words!