Is The Leak In Your Roof Considered An Emergency?

When your roof leaks, it can be hard to tell how bad it is or determine if you should get repairs done immediately. Is a leaking roof an emergency? Learn more about roof leaks, including when you should have them fixed right away.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Roof Leaks

Knowing whether or not you have an emergency roof leak is vital if you need to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent damage. Roof leaks can cause structural damage to homes, potentially making them unsafe or even uninhabitable. They can also cause mold growth, leading to possible health hazards.

A roof leak usually isn’t considered an emergency if it’s small, and you’re able to go about your daily routine without interruption. However, a roof leak is an emergency if it’s big or if it’s interfering with your daily routine. Keep in mind you should have smaller leaks addressed sooner rather than later since this helps lower the risk of them causing extensive damage to your home.

Signs of a Severe Roof Leak

How can you tell if you have a severe leak needing immediate attention? When you see water dripping, pay attention to the size of the drips. Bigger drips usually mean a more severe leak, which you’ll need to have repaired right away.

You can also tell if a roof leak is severe by checking how fast drips are falling. If water is dripping quickly, this means you should have emergency roof repairs done to stop the leak. Otherwise, you could end up having widespread water damage in your home.

When to Get Emergency Roof Repairs for a Leak

When should you have a local roofing contractor fix your roof leak? If your home is being damaged due to penetrating water, you should have emergency repairs done. Not fixing these leaks right away can lead to ongoing damage, which can quickly worsen each day.

Smaller leaks might not require emergency roof repairs. If you have a small, slow drip, you should have a roofing contractor inspect your roof and make repairs as needed. However, this typically does not require emergency repairs.

If you have a roof leak, please contact Imperial Roofing. Our roofing contractors in Tampa can repair minor or major roof leaks to prevent severe damage to your home.