Why master elite contractors deliver quality roof repair

When you need Tampa roof repair, you want the best materials and the best workmanship. You don’t want to have Tampa roof repair done only to need more repairs in the same location a few years down the road. Quality is key. So how do you ensure that you get it? Hire a Master Elite Contractor!

What is a Master Elite Contractor?

These contractors are the only roofers that can give you a powerful and substantial warranty. This warranty is known as the golden pledge and it is the highest within the roofing industry as a whole. It requires that the entire roofing system comes from a single manufacturer, known as GAF.

What do they need to be certified?

Master Elite contractors are the perfect choice for a Tampa roof repair of any kind because they have to go through a lot in order to get that status. First, they have to be in business for at least 7 years. They have to have 99% customer satisfaction based on independent surveys. They also have to have a Good or better credit rating and a satisfactory rating with the BBB. They can’t have liens and have to have a clean banking record. They also need a good workmanship record. It’s hard to meet all of these requirements and when you need Tampa roof repair and you find a company that meets them, you have peace of mind that everything is going to go well.

What do you get from this type of contractor?

In the end, you get everything you need. You can ensure the quality of the materials since it all comes from the same manufacturer. You can ensure the quality of work because you know only contractors who meet a high level of qualifications are going to be certified. Overall, you can ensure that your Tampa roof repair will go well and that it will last—no matter what type of repair you need.

Who should you call?

When you are ready to get your Tampa roof repair taken care of, contact Imperial Roofing, a local master elite contractor that can handle any repair you need. We’re here to take care of your home now so there won’t be further problems later. Give us a call and let us assess your roof today.

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