Metal Roof Repair - Nail Pop - Uplifting Fasteners“High fasteners” are a serious problem. During roof installation it’s easy for installers to forget about proper pressure setting on their screw guns. In most cases too many drills were hooked up to a single electrical line that was not sufficient to drive each fastener fully. At time of installation only the severe “high screws” are noticeable. Over time, expansion and contraction causes the screws to uplift. “High fasteners” begin to lift allowing a place for water to run into and under the system. Rusting and seepage can occur.

The most susceptible area on a roof to wind damage is the cap. Cap flashings are used to cover the hip and ridge areas of two adjoining decks. Most installers see this area as a simple trip piece and do not install enough fasteners to hold in place during a strong wind event. This should be replaced as the sun is now deteriorating the roof’s underlayment and water is able to travel directly under the metal panels.