metal roofing options for tampa homeowners
Florida has some of the toughest weather that roofing systems encounter. When it is time to replace your roof consider upgrading it to a metal roofing system. Unlike other kinds of roofing, a metal roof retains its value longer because it offers many advantages over other kinds of roofing materials.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Here is just a sampling of the many advantages metal roofing has for homeowners and business owners alike.

Exceptional Durability

Roofing materials range in life expectancy from a decade to over 50 years.  A properly installed and maintained metal roof can easily last 40 to 50+ years.  Many manufacturers offer great warranties that provide exceptional coverage for a metal roof system, eliminating the fear of investing in a product that doesn’t hold up to its reputation.

Energy Efficiency

Because of its natural reflectivity, metal is one of the most energy efficient materials to use for a roof.  All metal will help to keep cooling costs lower, but lighter colors especially will have this effect.

Wind and Fire Resistance

Interlocking metal roof panels are rated for high wind resistance – much more so than the average shingle roof.  For this reason – and because of their natural fire resistance – many insurance companies reduce the policy premiums for homeowners who install metal roof.


Whether you are looking for a modern or classic appearance, metal roofing is manufactured in a wide variety of colors and shapes.  Choose from metal panels or styles that resemble asphalt and tile materials.

Minimal Maintenance Required

A metal roof does not support the growth of algae, and is not subject to deterioration the same way other materials are.  Simply schedule an annual, routine roof inspection with a local contractor to maintain a record of its condition.

Environmental Impact

Many metal roofing materials are either made from recycled metal or able to be recycled when the roof is removed.  When combined with the energy efficiency factor, metal roofing is a great option for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Local Contractors Available

To learn more about the many great roofing options available to homeowners in the Tampa region, contact Imperial Roofing Contractors.

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