Ways to Add the Most Value to Your Home

What changes should you make to your Tampa-area home to boost its value? Remodeling’s Cost Versus Value annually pegs the return on investment for various household projects. The 2017 list offers glimpses of ways Tampa homeowners can add value to their homes, with the help of Tampa roofing contractors.

Routine Maintenance

Before delving deep into the remodeling projects and their costs, consider the value you bring to your home by keeping it well maintained, so it always offers positive curb appeal. Clean gutters, for example, prevent discoloration from staining and streaks down your home’s exterior. Clean gutters also help keep your foundation dry, preventing cracks and water infiltration. Imperial Roofing Contractor offers gutter cleaning services.

Landscaping, regular window cleaning and weekly tidying of your yard (who knew so many toys could scatter so far?) will help you retain the value in your home. Sometimes, living among the clutter, we stop noticing. But keeping your property and home well maintained and clean locks in your home’s resale value.


Remodeling says that spending $19,417 (on average for the geographic area) on a roof replacement produces a $13,456 value at resale or 69.3 percent of the cost. This is huge; you get the safety and security of a new roof, plus you recover most of its cost when you sell your Tampa-area house.

Imperial Roofing Contractor, a three-generation Tampa roofing company, can provide you with a tile, fiberglass-asphalt shingle or metal roof today and then, five or so years down the road, you can resell your home knowing you will get back most of what you spent to provide your family with a secure, weather-tight roof.


Skylights bring light indoors, helping you keep the lights out and the power bills low. More, they add value at the resale time, say both BrandPoint and Consumer Affairs. Skylights are great solutions to problematic rooms. You may have an interior room with no windows, or a small room you wish were larger. Skylights expertly installed by a Tampa roofing contractor boost your home’s value by recapturing the charm inherent in those rooms. They make small rooms look large, they bring in natural sunlight where it may never have been, and they can offer ventilation.

Boosting home value can begin with your roof and extend throughout your home. Imperial Roofing Contractor can show you many ways to save while adding value. Contact us today to learn more.

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